Remove 2v2, Rated Solo Shuffle and Rated Battlegrounds and just have 3v3 / Rated Blitz

Remove Rated 2v2 increase Skirmish conquest to the same as Rated 2v2

Remove Rated Solo Shuffle and replace it with unrated Solo Shuffle that is used to practice, have fun and generate Conquest.

Remove Rated Battlegrounds because nobody plays them.

Only have

Rated 3v3 & Rated Blitz
Change Blitz to allow up to 3 players to que in up to 3 players allowing 1 healer and 2 dps to que together, or 2 dps, or 1 healer and 1 dps or 1 healer, 1 dps, 1 tank, or 1 healer and 1 tank.

People that want rewards are shuttled into 2 types of content but those who just want to farm conquest can play whatever they want.


Here. This would save pvp and bring back tons of people.
At the same time it will also completely kill boosting, maybe except some niche rank1 area win trading and stuff. For 99% of the players will not matter.


Remove removing.


I would laugh at the joke, but I’m not sure you’re joking. I bumped into someone yesterday who thought their finger nails grow from the tips, so I can’t tell anymore the level of idiot we’re dealing with.

group of 3 for blitz is bad, removing enire content is bad

but speaking of em i just wanna play solo blitz.

The problem with blitz is it feels more like a brawl than a rated mode. They have some work to do if they want people to have fun and take the new bracket seriously. Solo Shuffle all so has some glaring issues which have not been fixed all expansion.

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Yes lets cater a mmorpg around a single player experience. That sounds like a great idea XD

How about :dracthyr_no1: :dracthyr_no2:
I like 2v2


Remove urself from using any comments and thinking, period, thanks - pvp community.


Well if its an mmorpg why are most of the pvp’ers only playing with a handful of players?
/e solo shuffle feels more like an mmorpg than 3v3 ever did

People prefer solo shuffle and blitz thats where the majority of players are going to be and yet you still complain about it just because they dont care about 3v3?

solo shuffle has more social interactions than I’ve ever had in normal arena
you can play for hours and hours and don’t talk to each other

i think its pretty fun right now with the fast games and i hope it stays this way.

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I feel the same way :+1:

Remove shuffle. Either proper soloq that has ppl play in same pool with arena or no soloq at all or rework rating system if we scatter people in numerous different modes.


remove shuffle

keep Rated blitz for casual bg brawlers and remove solo shuffle.

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Remove 2s aswell if so, force ppl to play 3s only ^^

2s is fine, just increase the rewards in 2s so more players are playing it


Yeah… No. 2v2 is something I enjoy.


So you want to remove a bracket that there are also ppl who enjoy, but you dont want to remove 2s because you feel its fine then? =p

i mean for sure there are players here who enjoy it, but the problem is “how much” dmg cause this in relation to just having blitz, 3s and 2s in the game

most of the people played it, cuz it´s easier to getting the rewards

they just should make 2s easier then, 2s was always the “casual” bracket in the past, where you also learned the basics

and now solo shuffle is less played than 3v3, do you know why besides of the bad healer mmr and long que times? because it isnt the “easiest” bracket to get the rewards anymore

most of the players just want easy rewards doesnt matter if it is shuffle, 2s or 3s

and (in my opinion) Bg rated blitz, 2s and 3s is enough of gamemodes, we dont need more especially if cata and sod exist

we just want less split.