Remove group quests in the open world levelling experience

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I’m levelling an alt and all these group quests are a real pain. My alt isn’t decked in gear, it’s above level 115 so legion legendaries don’t work and I can sit in group finder for 10+ minutes without anyone signing up.

One would like to quest and complete zones and quest chains in full without skipping anything, so why put a quest in place that takes 3 or 5 people to complete? Dungeon quests are understandable, and can be saved for make level to utilise the Azerite catch up mechanics (as all the dungeon quests I have give AP), but some quest chains having a 3-5 player group quest, mid-chain is really poor design as there’s very few people about the initial expansion launch and levelling period.

Besides, if you’ve got all these scaling mechanics, what’s wrong with having these quests scale for one character or more instead of three characters or more?


You can solo all the group quests in BFA.

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I’ve tried a few and died on my Druid, it’s annoying because I just want to level in peace and clear the map.



As druid? How?


If you died on your drood you’re doing it wrong. I think I’ve solo’d all group quests on all toons thus far in BfA.

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I have no idea what I’m doing and just want to spam four buttons as moonkin. I just want to hit 120 so I can do end game stuff.

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Root and bounce back, heal and nuke ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Then ignore the group quests. They’re not required, and will only waste time.

P.S. And install the addon Azeroth Auto Pilot. It knows the fastest ways.


Are you playing feral by any chance?
I had a hard time from 117 to 120 on my feral. I would swap to Guardian till 120 if I were you. Litterally nothing can kill you

Edit: Just saw you are playing Moonkin - Well statement still stands. Wanna get fast to 120 - Respec to guardian and quest. Masspulls goes by easier and feels faster than singletarget btw

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None of the group quests in BfA zones are mantadory. They are all completely optional and contribute nothing to the story. They just give xp and rep. With xp, there is enough xp in leveling content to get you maybe even 20 levels so you still get to 120 with skipping them. As for rep you don’t realy need that on an alt and always you can do it later on max level.

Another thing is you might try switching to Guardian spec. When leveling a druid I had no problem soling group quests in tank spec even if it was just an offspec.


you dont have to do those quests :))

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Lmao are you joking? They’re incredibly easy to solo. Group quests don’t exist these days. If anything, they need to go back to the old system where group quests áctually required a party of 5. That’d bring some excitement to leveling.

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