Remove the 4 rare kill quest

please, it’s nothing short of uncreative, it’s boring, it takes too long, it makes me annoyed and it has to be done on mulitple characters. Give people a reason to kill these rares for their own amusement. BoA tokens for alts, mounts, funny cosmetics, etc.

Not this “kill 4 of them because you have to” and “every rare drops some tokens and a insignificant amount of AP”


I misunderstood OP

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It’s 4.

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Officially it’s 4, however, you probably have to kill more as it seems that it rarely updates.

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its just daily for 75 rep

It is 4 but it is 4 of a certain species. Making it even more difficult ^^

I thought this was about mechagon, my bad


You don’t have to do it in the 5 minutes following the release of the patch… Assaults last a few days you know.

“I want it all and I want it now”


Yeah just do a daily quest in a few days. Brilliant mate.


But the fact that the obelisks in pillars of oblivion aren’t shared just puts the icing on the cake. Blizzard does not seem to learn.


Mechagon 2: Electric Boogaloo… Only differences: no flying requirements and the rare mobs have lower effective HP, dying faster due to higher dps. See one? Better tag it with some 40y range instant cast or enjoy singing camp songs waiting for respawn in the company of some 20 other players.
Strange question: How the heck did such obvious bottleneck went live? Were there no beta tests that pointed at this type of thing as annoying timesink? Oh wait, it’s BFA, last time beta test feedback was given some consideration was eons ago and timegating is apparently the devs’ bestest friend ever…


Hur hur no content.

Hur hur content.

Some people never happy…


Well I don’t think a lot of people see flying around a zone the whole time or to stand still in one spot as much of a content.


Dunno what should be done then.

Remove all quests, explore some area, get reputation, resource, free top gear for nothing?


If you consider flying around Uldum/vale for 1 ½ hour like an idiot content, then i honestly don’t know what to tell you.


So removing the quest is the solution for people who are so worried to miss those super important 75 points ? Equally brilliant.

Replace the quest with something that makes sense?


Ah yes. Standing around doing nothing or give everybody top gear for free. The only options of game design.

No the solution is to redesign the quest to give a proper reward for the effort that it takes. If this quest was kill 4 rares over the time of the invasion for like 500rep it would be absolutely fine. Likewise if it was kill any 2 rares daily for 75rep. Right now it’s just a dumb quest.


The “Pillars of Oblivion” is even more …bad quest, the Obelisks disappear after one person touches them

there is nothing ‘must have’ behind new reps, so what for you need 75 rep so badly? i am not going to do those blue quests even on main. assaults will be give all rep i need in time.