Remove this Forum

(Jinsk) #1

If you are going to ignore years of feedback from Affliction Warlocks (and other classes and specs) what is the point of this forum?

If you are going into a totally diferent direction of what people want (old class design) there is no point having this.

Prune the forum, we know you like that kind of stuff.

Oh and prune yourselves from Class Design (whoever is responsible). thanks


They do listen but they dont agree, if you have one spec that is broken then go and play other spec. Just do like all mages do, they reroll to whatever the spec that does well and then GG.

In summary, enjoy playing destro lock.


+1 Jinsk! :slight_smile:

They are destroying the fun from every pure dmg class from every aspect. Oh and lets delete blind from rogues, charge from warriors, and something worthy and iconic from other specs. And We’ll be there (in the middle of nowhere) NICE

“go and play other spec.”

Why should i do that? I don’t think other classes can do as much in class fantasy than a rogue or something else. Rerolling to other class is not a vital option to the game imo… Every class should be fully created and originated from the past. F@ck logic.