Removed Warlock quest now i cant pick it up again

Removed warlock quest by mistake. Part 3 of “Tome of the cabal” Now i cant find it, went back to the npc that gave it to me and he’s got nothing.

Does this comment from the wowhead classic comments help?

i tried the quest and followed as planned but after i captured the soul and returned i could not get my felhunter. I abandoned my quest and deleted my quest items, so that I could start over and I cant get the quest back. Does this mean I cant have a Felhunter, I want one so bad. What can I do to get the quest back?

1 griigig on 2005/09/28 (Patch 1.7.1)Subject: “Felhunter”

When you deleted the quest… you dont go back to the first guy, you go back to the last guy before the part of the quest you were on…

So if there are 5 guys and you were on the 5th and deleted the quest, then go to the 4th guy and pick up from there.

Hope this helps

I’ve gone back to both NPC’s in the questline but none of em have the quest for me, so i dont know

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ive got this issue as well. is there any way to fix it?

is there any solutions to this problem?

My friend got the same problem, he deleted the Fel Hunter quest to do it later to get room for more quests, but now he can’t pick it up anymore… Any fix for it?

Make a ticket?

I have the same problem with the succubis quest. i hope it will get fixed!

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