Replenish the Reservoir

Just picked up this quest, then deposited 350 anima & quest still showing 0/1000 - is it bugged again. Took a screen print & I want my anima back please - thank you :))) But I wont get it back so I’ll just move on & delete the stupid bugged quests. EDIT - apparently already answered as was over a reset, yes I was trying to get back home before shut down last night, who knew !!

Was the 350 already in your bags? If so, that does not count I am afraid. They do this deliberately so we dont hoard it in the week to complete the quest immediately each reset.

If it wasn’t… then no idea, though I recall something similar a couple of weeks back that just fixed itself. It was fine for me earlier at least.

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Yes, just read it in the bugs forum :(( TY