Reputation Bugged After Transfer!

Hey! I just transferred my main Demon Hunter that i completed all the achievements on to a different Blizzard Account for different reasons. I now find that my flying achievements are super buggy? All the Reputation and quests towards the flying achievement were completed on this character and now they are wiped but I can still fly. But when creating a new character and trying to fly I don’t have the ability. And when trying to troubleshoot the problem I can’t find out what to do, like i have revered or exalted with all the factions from WoD-BFA and I have no idea how to fix it, the GMs that I were in contact didn’t give me anything I could use :frowning: . Someone Please help me!

If you transfer to opposite faction, then you need to complete their storyline quests as well. Because they use another achievement for the zone completions.

I didn’t faction swap, i did not change the race and I didn’t change server.
It’s the same character, only difference is that it is owned by a different account.

sounds like you tried to cheese having flying. Since you did not actually earn your flying achs on the second account, tiats pretty much why they are broken. But have you considered merging them? Then they share all achs properly. A gm managed to recover an old wow account and had it merged with my current one, netting me old classic achs and pets again.

With regards to Lucaan’s suggestion, if you do consider it I recommend reading our guide on it first here to see the eligibility and limitations!

Didn’t try to cheese having flying. I’ve been playing on a different account for years, but only wow on it. Now I had enough i wanted to have all my stuff on the same account, i tried merging. I was unable to have it. I just paid a lot of money to transfer all my characters back to my main account, I am happy to do the content like quests and such again, but the rep, the rep is not happening again.
But I am having the problem of not being able to do any content again, since everything is done :confused:

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