Resto druids

Hello, everyone seem so focused on the broken stuff.

Shall we have some attention to the underperforming classes? Maybe druid hots can get some love? And now with started reduced healing in 2s gets even worse. Facing resto sham infinite purge and 100% mana Riptide is 5-6 k each, while regrowth does 5k cast and a hot is 500 every 2.5 sec?

Don’t even wanna mention the current state of Mistweaver monks. 0.3% of the people are playing it…


no bli$$ want you to reroll paladin and buy some gold from the shop for your leggo


Give one of the HoT spells dispel protection


And make Resto Shaman mana regen a bit lower. Because it went out of control. Water Shield needs a bit nerf in PvP.

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Unsubbed 2 weeks ago because of no hope about mw and rdruid state. Wow transforms into hearthstone - you forced to play meta to be competitive. This is not for me tbh, i will unsub rather than play what i dont want to. Also my friend, who play udk did the same after being globalled by ww and ret all the time.

I think a lot of people did that. Hopefully more adjustment to underperforming classes are coming!

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