Resto Shaman and Holy Paladin LF mythic raiding guild

I am a main spec Restoration Shaman (can also play Elemental when needed) looking for a mythic raiding guild. Looking to join a guild with a Holy Paladin friend if possible. Would prefer not to transfer, but open to it for the right guild. I have mained every healing class (except Mistweaver Monk) in the highest difficulty raids. This Shaman has been my main for all of Shadowlands so far, but I also have a Holy Paladin alt (242 ilvl) and a low geared Disc Priest that I am going to start gearing up when the patch hits.

Recent raiding progression:

12/12 Mythic Nya’lotha (playing my Holy Paladin called Morrigantris)
8/10 Mythic Castle Nathria
3/10 Mythic Sanctum of Domination

Mythic Sanctum progression is low due to a lot of internal issues with the guild over the past 2 months which has caused us to barely raid, and now disband as a raiding guild.

Shaman WClogs:

Holy Paladin friend WClogs:

We are both also into Mythic plus and enjoy pushing keys outside of raiding.

Battletag: Ant#1160

Hi, I have added you on Bnet

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