Resto Shaman or Resto Druid for BGs ?


Like many, I dont’ know what to choose for Classic.
I would like to do PVP, especially BGs, as a healer, playing RShaman or RDruid (I know Priest is probably the best but dont’ want to play one)

I wonder:

  • Which one is the best BG healer ? (I understand that, as hybrid classes, they have to do other things, but I ask myself about their healing abilities)
  • Which one is the easier to gear up ? (I’m afraid that the druid will rarely be invited to 5 man because he only has a Brez, so he will lack stuff when he dings 60)
    All opinions and advice are welcome ! Thanks in advance!

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I’d say go for the shaman, but since you’ll do pvp, you will regret not picking druid.


Hum … Sorry but don’t really understand.
Anyone else on the two points I mentioned in my OP ?

(Vulrin) #4

Pick shaman, druid is un-fun and an easy kill compared to shaman in current game since if their not hard-casting nourish they die.

(Xartim) #5

He asked for Classic wow mate :grinning:

(Bigkeg) #6

Druids have no problem in dungeons and can be a healer, tank or DPS depending on gearing and instance. Also do note that some good gear will be in raids or epic world drops (if you want some feral tanking weapon). For healing BG gearing requirements aren’t that high, mostly survivability and ways of escape etc.

I would say druid as you have multiple options and multiple roles as feral/resto - healing, flag carrier and more. And at least on pservers there is very little druids so you should get tier gear from first raids relatively quickly.

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