Resto Shaman returning from Break LF Raiding Guild [H - Draenor]


Good Evening,

I’m a Resto shaman returning from a break of playing on and off and deciding to play WoW again after a messy event in my life, i want to come back into a guild that i feel i can settle in and be a core part of a team.

BFA experience is limited, however I have tons of previous experience Including Multiple Cutting Edge Achievements. along side raid leading cutting edge guilds.

I Keep myself up-to date with my own class and spec as well as other classes, the in’s and out’s to try and min max my own performance. And even though I’ve not pushed through current content I’ve kept up to date with strat’s and so on so forth.

Looking for a raiding guild that’s both relaxed and full of banter but also aiming for progression.

If you would like any further info / past logs. Feel free to message;

Battle Tag: HidekiWolf#2504
Discord: Hideki#3265

Kind Regards