Resto Shaman - so many spells

Is it me, or is the amount of spells needed as a resto shaman a bit bloated?

I’ve never really played resto before, but it feels quite bloated outside of the 4-5 standard healing spells when it comes to cooldowns and totems.

Maybe it’s just something I need to get used to.

Hey bro, this is the build I will use

I think its a perfect…its useful to have those different types of heals plus a ton of utility, mana sustain and a touch of DPS.

If you want bloated healing spells Holy Priest!

Thanks, will take a look.

Trying to decide what healer to take into DF.

Im usually resto Druid and maybe I’m just used to it.

But priest and shaman have so many other spells it’s a bit overwhelming.

Not that interested in monk, paladin or evoker really.

ye thats the reason i didnt enjoyed it too it needed a lot of min maxing do be efficient, i also did macros on friendly target heal on enemy offensive spell.

i had instants, dot/hots . But overall they were still too many, too bad they didnt pruned it a bit

You could do a +15 without breaking sweat using riptide and healing surge.

Yeah Resto Druid are meta at the moment.

P.S. Shaman’s will be amazing DragonFlight also…I’ve updated my talent tree for Resto because as it turns out I had one trait that overwrite another…should be near perfect now!

What makes them so good for DF?

I never played Shadowlands :grin:

Yeah, it’s mad how full my bars are

3 action bars full with some stuff missing on Resto shaman.

On my mage I’ve got so many spare slots.

Right shaman DF will plsy very similar to when it was STier i shadowlands…
They have amazing healing spells plus spells that give you mana and save you mana and boost healing on a selected target and fantastic utility such as aoe damage absorb, aoe stun locks…you can also turn into a wolf so you’re always mobile and theres more too…just have a look at the build and you will get a good idea

We have many buttons but a lot of them are useful in specific situations only. I like the comeback of totem playstyle, it brings shaman fantasy on much higher level.

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