Restodruid lf guild


Hello i am a restodruid that whas pretty hardcore before i took my break with Herald of the titans, cutting edge ra den and many more cutting edges i am looking for a guild for my remaining wow career.

I am from sweden 31 years old.

I have been away some time now so my itemlevel is only 366 but shouldnt be to hard to farm up and i am a skilled player so i can play with some less gear then other healers have many top 10 world ranks in my past.


Hey Applelebough, I am the guild master for a horde guild doing both PvP and PvE on Shadowsong, we are full of new and returning players. We have a strong community and are looking to bolster our raid ranks. Let me know if you would like to join, we can offer you a trial where you can do a few dungeons with us to see if you like our community, before you full commit.


JOin us on kazzak , you will have all