Ret Burst is a joke


I just got crit for 50k into 70k…and as a demo i have a passive 20% wall, whoever designed ret must have some mental illness.

yes and i know that wings is their only win condition bla bla bla, but this design is beyond retardation.

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Well don’t be mad i die through bear with 100% hp with 2x reju + 3x bloom stacks and with SKIN on me from 100%-0% in 1 stun,…not saying they are op but they should nerf them as Rdruids as well. :slight_smile:

(Morkius) #4

And ofc buff their dmg wihtout wings up …

(Almostholy) #5

This class need rework not buff or nerf… a total rework


yes exactly, i dont get it how this got into the game


I actually agree with that ret needs to get a damage buff outside of wings and a nerf during wings. And maybe some sort of passive that if they freedom themselves it can’t be removed.

I don’t play ret but I think something along those lines seems fair to me.

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