Ret Nerf's

Ret’s need way more nerf’d craps out of control.


yh thats true

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No, no need more

no need more? yet ret is still doing the most dmg and the heals are still unreal

if they stop appearing on the forums like mushrooms on the rain defending broken specs when infact it were even partially carried by a bug and people still defending this broken shaite

then by all means delete the whole class by now if it removes them from the forums aswell with this pandemic of pink

people going full derp defending something that carrys people from lifetime 1.6 to 3k in 3 days is just awesome

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Ehh hello there… let me suffer on my holy pala plz :smiley:

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ur allowed, im just done with these god damn delusional ret players who finally got put on their place. shouldnt been let through on this state in first place when it were so obvious from ptr and now we have these 3k clowns as a result

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Its not been implemented yet… 29th.

they implemented through night apparently cause of “feedback”

imagine if they had listened the similar feedback when people where pointing it in masses from ptr

Yeah this is in deed ridicilous. But it shows the community of this game is a problem too.

I was actually impressed by how many fotm rerollers there are and how fast they are by now. Feels like they keep every class prepped :smiley:


yeah, you are right. bunch of toxic and biased people who have long time ago forgot its a video game meant to have fun. im waiting riot im done with this game and many things on the state of the game

just waiting on the next ret threads appearing for 2 more weeks claiming the nerfs were not just and how infact even the bug ignoring pvp modifiers were unjust to fix it

Ah okay, well they cant make them completely useless I suppose.

But the amount of rating rets have climbed in less than a week because of how broken it was should be reverted. Theyll all get titles and mount rewards just for having a paladin ready to go after the rework. Seen some on 3rd party websites that have increased rating by almost 1000, seen a couple that are like this; 1700-2700 and 2600-3400. So now all those rets just wont play and theyll sit on their rating.


nah they are viable now yet some still call them “dominating” tho its person who mains a tank for arenas and havent broken 1k rating yet to his life

and you are exactly right, people gave feedback from ptr of its state, they ignored it, they released it even with a bug that doesnt take reduced pvp modifiers into account and let them do full dmg so essentially there were also major bug involved

and now we indeed have people sitting on friggin 3k ratings from 1.6k in 3 days

they definitely should go back on these and a reset since patch taking all this into account, its ridiculous how much they can yet fumble with this

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After these nerfs they will likely end up with new builds and other abilities will turn up to be broken.

By weekly reset day, when the rest of the changes will be applied, there might be a second batch of ret nerfs for the stuff that will come up during the weekend :joy:

for just flooding the forums with copium trying defend a spec which even blind grandmother could see to be reseiving end of nerf they should be deleted from the game

theres literally pink account made by the minute since patch each with only one purpose in mind of posting to either gloat or defend a mishap from blizz which should never had let happen in first place with all the feedback they got from ptr

so they just launch it like that anyway and what, later they announce “ok guys we listened you and you were right” but do they revert on the ratings now?

what do we get for being right? and what are the healer incentives we were told to get 4 months ago for this shuffles

maybe one more buff on some dps would be what the game most now needs, to increase the dps ques on shuffles i mean

“Update: Due to overwhelming feedback, the Retribution Paladin changes in the above notes are going to be pushed live shortly.” it’s already live.


Ratings mean nothing now unfortunately… What people have been working towards for months got trivialized in a matter of days

Most of the rets who got high ratings this week will fall off quickly and pay the price of being ridiculed and abused in party chat on their way back to 1.5CR and a lot will go back to their old mains.

The spec will still be S tier though, due to the overbudgeted defensive kit. IMO after the nerfs ret will be at the power level of DH


It’s still by far the strongest spec in-game still doing crazy dmg topping the meters every game and the heals are still way overtuned.

shuffle ratings didnt mean much in first place when df started like circus with no director and all the monkeys were loose with dhs and what else… but this was just iceing on the cake just ridiculous

the rets will sit their rating now who gained it by rerolling one, they wont play them after the nerfs and correction of the pvp modifier bug. but what blizz should do is revert the ratings from patch now that it mostly were just rets playing anyway and rest decided to not que on this whatever it is when 1000+ people feedback something being broken and its still released like that and then later admitted on people they were right

wheres all the pink posters from this thread btw i suddenly realised the forum is missing some color :thinking:

should we get some pink here to defend the rating gains? any defenders