Ret paladin's

i actually think ret is more balanced now in the competitive state. i mean look at all the other specs with their insane self healing capability’s specially warlock’s. if anything that need’s nerfing is warlock’s. paladin is a hybrid class they are meant to sustain self healing and damage in combat. that’s what a paladin is.

i know people complain about it but ret’s still get hammered in arena’s and i play pvp constantly. so having from no survivability to having some is nice. and the reason why they complain about it too is because it’s new and paladin’s are not squishy anymore so they hate it. i’d say it’s about time we had a buff like this because it’s been going on for too long now that ret’s have been reliant on healer’s constantly.

and paladin’s aint meta that title still holds to demonhunter’s.

Ill save this in my “narcisist copium” folder.
Dude,you complain about defensives and self healing?
have you seen the state of Feral druid, we get nerfed for the 5th time since BFA ended(and thats almost every patch).
No immunities, no offhealing, mediocre burst, mediocre single- target dmg.
Defensives are meh to say the least, too outdated.
Bear form does nothing against 90% of the classes and abilities.

Its absurd how bad i struggled in arena to get some mediocre 2.2 rating while my buddy whos new to paladin is pushing 2.6 rating as we speak.
Ret should be nerfed.
No class that is so easy to learn and so effectitve should be buffed to the point where they piss everyone off.

warlocks monks feral’s Demonhunter’s and hunter’s and Frost mage’s and arms warriors they piss me off but it’s about time paladin got a good buff and this balances it all out. just because people don’t like how they can’t kill them anymore they complain to forums demanding a nerf. when i think they are perfectly fine.

like i said it’s been too long and this buff is well deserved. and they did a grand job with it.

and it seems you struggle with all classes not just ret. so blizzard needs to buff feral it seem’s. even though they are already strong.

and im not talking about past expansions, shouldn’t compare to old content. this is now not back then. people need to stop comparing what was then to what is now. here’s a saying. What maybe good 5 year’s ago may change to what is today. look to the future not the past.

and you tell me no class that is so easy to learn and so effective should be buffed to the point of where they piss everyone off. well i can point out that Demonhunter’s case yeah. oh even arms warrior’s oh and monk’s oh and shaman’s oh and warlock’s oh and frost mage’s, you really need to evaluate all not just one specific class.

and if you truely want to go back in time may i add druid’s had convoke a one shot ability. hmm which lasted how long?. yeah exactly. and frost mage’s had a insane burst of one shot’s still is today. and also monk’s oh they got buffed and dramatically too. could even one shot in shadowlands so to speak. yeah people complain because it’s new and it’s effective. but when it’s their class being buffed you all get happy about it. paladin’s are better now and it’s balanced to compare other classes. and if he is reaching 2.6 he has a good team. him alone would never reach that. so good for him.

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