Retail or TBC/WOTLK for casual

Hello :slight_smile:

I havent played WoW in a very long time, planning on making a return but not sure which game and pace suit me more. I spend an hour or sometimes 2 on gaming, casual things mostly. I really like pvp/battlegrounds/world pvp, dont mind playing pve but this would be my goal when i get the gear needed to compete. I have couple friends playing TBC (they are waiting for wotlk to launch mostly, but still will help me level the character and explain things i dont know), on the other hand i dont know anyone playing retail. Since im a university student, i doubt that i will ever have enough time to push super high end content on either expansion, i will stick to casual playing and casual pvp mixed with some arenas if i get good enough.
Ive read some articles and forum threads, they all basically suggest that for casual playing retail is the way. Having no friends there will be a setback, but if thats the route for casuals i will go that way.

My question for those who have played both gamemodes (if i can call it that way), which one would you advise me to play and why, having in mind the circumstances?

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