Retri infestation on LFG

srsly never saw so many retri’s on LFG for 3s…literally every group is with one or two…the fotm is stronk with this specc


Because never was that broken before and I say this as someone who played 2s with a ret at the start of WotLk when Ret and DK were absolutely broken.

dont say that you will summon the fotm army here trying to defend the specc

I’m ok with this. I have completely empty block list that needs to be filled!

Sadly, players have reliesed its easier to continously fotm reroll patch to patch then learn and play a class well, and blizzard is so fast to want to reward that behaviour. Keeps em subbed continously regearing and no need for more content when theyre extending the content by rhe continous recompletion of the same content.

If fotm was the only thing players did to get undeserved rating.

It’s not all bad to fotm, you get to play with and against players that in general is better than yourself and see how they play.

If you play with better players you learn faster than playing with worse players.

no ret nerfs? another week of pvp being unplayable

true but continously rerolling is going to reset that progression. and the balance patchs this expansion has been rampent so far, people on their 8th reroll in 1 season xD

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