Retribution Paladin Ruined

So now that they have hit ret hard with nerfs to both damage. Removal of seraphim and roots etc how is everyone feeling?

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Feeling like I just read a badly written generic whine thread.


Definitley badly written but true none the less.

they are still even after the nerfs about one entire tier above arms warrior/BM hunters so yeah… least favorite spec in the entire game to play against. I play neither of those specs i mentioned i might add n i want BM n arms nerfed aswell but ret pala needs a serious slam across the face. Ret paladins now has tons of CC, durability and mostly ranged kit with very high sustained damage n yet everyone screams “ret is unplayable!” whenever they cant global people. I think most people, myself included are tired of 400k+ damage within 1.1 secounds.

Classes should get more enforced identity as a whole n lose a ton of the crap they´ve been given for no reason. Want high team utility n CC? you´re gonna have to pay for those with damage or survivability. Want high burst? you´re gonna have low sustained damage and low durability. Want high sustained damage? your burst is going to be underwhelming but you´re going to be durable and do high preasure.
This is a logic i wish applied to every single class n spec.

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Nerfs are in Pvp only, and btw it is still strong in PVP, much stronger that before patch even after the nerfs. They needed to nerf it in pvp it was arguably more broken than DK in Wotlk.

Ret pala is still top dps in arena having more than double of my dps and anyone else and most of the dmg is single target big hits.
pvp dmg need 20%-30% more nerf.

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PVE wise it definitely lost in AOE. I’m not sure where the loss comes from. Maybe Exo’s aoe bleed?

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I hated it.


Blizzard confused about what to do with ret.

Over the years they wanted ret as support class.

Then with so many defensive utilities and buffs.

Then combo point class.

Then burst class.

Now burst is bad.

They performing way good in pvp so let them nerf in pve too.

Ret is class designed as low apm - now apm also increase with new combo strikes.

Its getting annoying as it goes by.

True what? Current ret is possibly the best iteration ever and surely the best feeling since legion.
Who cares about a bit of nerfs when you finally have gameplay options.

Game play options? I liked seraphim playstyle so my options are not on the platter also removal of hand of hinderance for double steed no thanks not for me

So it’s better for you to keep seraphim instead of a pletora of option for ST, hybrid builds, cleave etc?
I’m sorry i didn’t know classes should be designed around only your idea of pvp gameplay. My bad.

I never said that it should be what im saying is to remove styles that exist and some want to keep. And then add other styles is not fair arent talent trees designed for variety?

Booooooooo! bad move

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Seraphim is gone get used to it.
Hand of Hinderance was a terrible slow, dispellable and on a 30 sec cooldown.
Im glad we got a perma slow with Judgement now.
We also had double steed last patch, seems like you don’t know much about paladins


i know enough to get close enough to 2k rating mark my words ret is going to burn with these changes get over it.

I dont know my retri still hit like a truck tbh, but you cant play everything right?

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