Return of custom sounds

I believe it was in 8.0 that the option for custom sounds was removed - as far as I heard, it was removed by accident to fix some other issue.

Perhaps this could make a return in the future? Either in 9.2.5 or DF ?? For clarification, you used to be able to play custom .mp3 files in a sound folder of WoW, in which you could change music and other sounds. I personally used it to change the gun sounds back to their original sounds, and the log in music to a mix of all expansions once the current expansion’s theme got repetitive.

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there’s a addon that does just this, called “OldGunSounds” you can even tweak it and add your own sounds, there are a few threads that go over how to do this as you have to add lines to the lua file and such, I used it at the beginning of SL to replace all rogue sounds to their original classic sounds