Return to wow after 4 years break , LF simi-hardcore guild

Hello , am playing wow since vanilla i have tried most of the DPS classes in game through the previous expansions , my most noticeable achievement back at that time (before the mythic raiding introduced to the game / mythic + ) is killing lich king ICC on heroic mode before the nerf and killing Deathwing - dragon soul on herioc difficulty before the nerf , i quit the game in the middle of legion expansion after killing Guldan on mythic , i have a complete break from the game around 4 years due to RL and kids , but to be honest i have missed the game so i found my self renewing my subscription in previous month and level up as a shadow priest starting with S4 M+ dungeons , so what am looking for is a friendly semi-hardcore guild with mature players (25+ years old
age ) , a guild that have a steady progress in raids and compete every expansion to get the job done , i want to settle down my spot for the next expansion aiming to clear mythic raids , at the moment am focusing on progress in M+ dungeons , my shadow priest at the moment is around 511 i LVL with Riader IO 2400 score . so guys if you have steady team in your guild to progress in mythic + for season 4 i will be more than happy if you can afford me a spot if am a good fit for your roster and requirements , am at draenor -Eu server / but am flexible to transfer if needed .

My Main was ret paladin in legion , i have valid logs in case needed

as for real life my name is Adam , am 39 years old , working as engineer , and a part of me is addicted to gaming .

i would like to thank you for your time reading my post .
battle ID : diêsel#1916

Hello. Free feel to add me on discord Keyda

Hey Diesêl, the guild I´m in is currently looking for mythic raiders. Here is a little about us. If it interests you, just let me know.

Thu Raid Team - 19.45-00:00 server time

Sat Raid Team - 19.45-00:00 server time

is 1-day Raiding Guild with two teams. Our goal is to get Ahead of the Curve and as many Mythic bosses as we can during each tier. Last tier we achieved Cutting Edge N’zoth on 1-day/week raiding.

We run two teams - One for people that can only raid weekends and one for those that can only raid weekdays. Each has their own Raid Leading Team. You can have a character in both provided you meet the requirements of each team.

Reasons NOT to join

  • You want CE or are only here for progression. We are not that kind of guild. We always strive to do our best but it’s not our main objective.
  • You do not love raiding for the sake of raiding and get frustrated when progress is not as fast as you would like.

Who is Archaic Order?

was established 3 months after launch of the game(vanilla) on Skullcrusher (EU), where we were amongst the first 10 guilds to kill Ragnaros, Onyxia etc on our server. We have successfully raided through all expansions up to and including the current one.

Our guild is about letting people with “Real Lives” experience the end-game content within a community. We want it to be the place where people login and hangout as if they were at their local pub or coffeeshop. It’s a place where friends meet up and do things in-game.

We’re a multi-national guild with members that span continents. We’re mostly guys and girls ranging from 20s-40s and the guild chat reflects that, we try and act mature and sensible, but sometimes we can’t help it, and our inner-teenager shines through with “That’s what she said” jokes… has a zero tolerance policy for racism and toxicity overall.

We value nice people who can perform well and fit into the guild more than just being “the best dpser ever”, so try and get to know the other guildies and have some fun, as well as raids/arenas/M+s. If you can make the off-day activities then fire up your mic and don’t be shy to talk on Discord.

  • You are a good player that just doesn’t have the time to commit to other raiding schedules but still want to see end-game content.

-You want to be part of a community that does M+, achievement runs, alt raids etc on a regular basis on a thriving server.

  • You just love playing WoW and want to find a stable home with a good environment that’s been around for years and isn’t going anywhere.
  • You are looking for a mature and respectful, yet fun multi-national environment with like-minded people.

i would like to thank for your kindness and offer , but am looking for a guild with mythic history record .