Return to WoW and Get Shadowlands Free!

Return to WoW and Get Shadowlands Free!

**Time is running out. Claim yours by September 5. --Don't own Shadowlands yet? For a limited time, claim your FREE copy of the Shadowlands Base Edition and a Level 50 Character Boost. Secure these gifts and step into the afterlife today!

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Shadowlands for free? Finally!

Thank you :grin:


get Dragonflight, because it´s going to be the best expansion


Gifting expansion for people that don’t have it is all good, but as a person that has bought all expansions and purchased everything so far, stayed on paid subscription and never had a single access to alpha or beta, prior to the release of the next expansion it feels a bit sad.

It’s not just about bringing new blood in the game, but it pays to acknowledge the fans that had stayed true with the genre over the years.

Don’t make us feel left out in the end. We have show no less support for the game, and have been even more dedicated, and you can count on us in the future, so please do provide some bonuses for the people that stuck with you for so many years.


Shadowlands isn’t for me, but for free, clown will accept!

So yes, I will get Dragonflight, once it becomes free.
I’m a patient man :sunglasses:


but shadowlands is the worst expansion, no new race, neither new class, nor class/race combination, 3 raids, bad questing and bad stories with nonsense

i guess you could stay in Classic Vanilla/TBC or Wrath


I don’t think it’s a good marketing move to make new players experience Shadowlands as their first WoW expansion.
I say keep Shadowlands as expensive as possible so they skip it and start with Dragonflight instead.


That’s kind of what they are doing, because they can boost a toon to 50, get to 51 after, or play a bit, then DF comes and they can start the new class, that will likely require some level investment (that hey, they just got).

Yes, Wrath will be released next month so clown will have fun :slight_smile:
I wish you great success in Dragonflight too!


I am really happy to see this. I’m not seeing it show up on my desktop client however, but I’ll check in a day or two and hopefully it shows up. I took a break during Shadowlands but will be back for Dragonflight (The new talent trees alone are enough for me to get me back), so I appreciate being able to test out Shadowlands for free before moving on to the new expansion.

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Try logging out and in again.

My two gifts showed up and already claimed.

Have a good day

Already did, but nothing. But it does say it can take a few days so I guess it should show up soon enough. Here’s to hope.


i am a new Player Do i get or it only for bringing old players back ?

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Shadowlands for free? Can i decline?


I suppose game time isn’t included? Returning players would have appreciated this more than free a boost.


There’s no harm in messaging them and asking but its likely to be a no as its outside of the offer.

All accounts that do not currently have the Shadowlands expansion attached and that had any expansion license attached to the account in the past will receive the Shadowlands Base Edition and a Level 50 Character Boost FREE (no purchase necessary). accounts without a previous expansion license attached on any of their WoW game accounts, or which already have Shadowlands on any of their game accounts, are NOT eligible to receive a free copy of Shadowlands.

bought all expansions including bfa, have active gametime, no SL yet. would like to complete story in casual mode. wonder if i just wait now…

upd: 30 mins later got it yay

I bought shadowlands for full price this morning…



Still owerpriced!
Wait a better offer!


So i guess im not eligible since I’ve not actually purchased any expansions?
That’s a bit rubbish