Returning after two years: which spec?


Hi Guys,

So I today returned to wow after two years and have had some fun messing about with the different classes. I’ve decided to roll a rogue, though from reading the forums it seems like the whole talent tree has changed.

I previously thought sub rogues were badass due to their insane burst dps. I also really like the sneaky playstyle. However, everyone now seems to be saying their damage is terrible and the class is broken? Should I go as assassination instead for single target dps/pvp?



Exact same boat here. Been roaming the forums and asking in game. A lot people saying Sin but seen a few folk say outlaw.
Personally I’d like to know what ones best for PVE both raids and M+ and what ones best for PVP


Hey man,

I’ve lvl’d my Rogue to 20 so far on assassination. Currently really enjoying it and the use of poisons after giving it more of a try today. It’s great fun! I’m finding it good in pve and though I haven’t had any pvp yet, the single dps and stuns will likely mean its pretty good

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basically yes


overall assa raid, outlaw m+. both are fine for both though. assa by far in pvp.

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