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Okay so guys I wanna ask about arthas
A small questions but really makes me so curious to know it’s answers

First of all what arthas was doing during his 5 years sleep?
I found in some old posts in the forums that he controlled undead to build icecrown and he wakes up finding his citidal built already and he start to launch the attack on the alliance and horde capitals…
So my question is how is this supposed to be the answer that he woke up and did all of that but in some point in the release cinematic we see him when he wakes up but everything is the same as it was from WC frozen throne.

Second question where did tirion take his body… where is his tomb?
Some say in stormwind which I don’t really think so not sure 100% cuz there is others say it’s a memorial for the people died in lordaeron but after bfa released the new Uther’s tomb model if you go and check it there is a room added in the tomb metal door but you can’t interact with it which makes me think again that this might be the real arthas menethil tomb maybe?

Wrestling with Ner’zhul for control. His underlings probably kept the place running.

We have no clue. But thanks for the info, I had no idea there is a door.


Arthas killed Uther. They wouldn’t defile Uthers tomb with the corpse of his killer.

Imo the tomb in Stormwind is Arthas’ grave.
The lordaeron symbol wouldn’t make sense for any other character and it’s constantly being guarded by 2 guards. Maybe they’re afraid he will just rise from the dead since he was the Lich King and all…


Okay but I asked gm before about this
He should easily answer what you said if that is true but he simply said no it is not arthas tomb so that’s why it is a memorial for lordaeron people who died that’s all

GMs don’t tend to be given any more info than us about things not known in game.

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I doubt GMs are lore experts.


Perhaps but I don’t know why they would answer such questions to begin with if they don’t know much.


GMs have no involvement whatsoever with the loreteam. So asking a GM lore questions (which haven’t been answered officially) isn’t really helping.

Most of the GM’s playing world of Warcraft and who plays the game at least know about arthas I asked directly and he or she told me no that this isn’t arthas tomb and he won’t say more

But he doesn’t know that. He only knows as much as we do. And we know nothing about the tomb because there’s no lore about it (yet).

So him saying no, is not an official statement but an assumption on his part.

It might be a unpopular opinion but I dont believe Arthas would be buried in any prominent place, being it Stormwind, Ithers Tomb or Lordaeron, later makes most sense but it was controlled by forsaken and you know how much Lordaeron citizens and Sylvanas hate the man.

For us players and ones who was up in Icecrown to behold Arthas last moments understand he was corrupted, but for most people he was monster, murderer, dishonorable man who brought only chaos and destruction. People of Lordaeron kr Stormwind would not appriciate having his grave in their city walls.

I would find it fitting if Tyrion took the body and buried it in very modest place to leave small tribute for him and for people who knew his story.

I’d like to think his body was burned and the ashes scattered to the wind. Probably the safest of options considering that his followers would probably attempt to resurrect him if they ever came across the remains.

Plus the monster was never worthy of a proper grave anyway.

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