Returning player looking for guild!

Hey guys!
I recently moved to Ragnaros on release of shadowlands from Draenor due to population issues and queues.

I am an ex Mythic raider with prog from 7/8 mythic Uldir, 8/9 BoD mythic and 5 bosses in nyalotha before stopping playing as had a lot of personal things going on IRL. I am back to the game but wanting to take a more chill approach I.E. mythic plus and the occasional raid here and there.

I might be able to do some raids but dont know if i can attend 100% and wouldnt want to promise at this point hence the “more chill approach”.

just looking for a friendly guild with an active community who can still put away some content when needed. I am maining my UH/Frost Dk atm but also have a semi geared resto/balance druid i can play.

Thanks for reading

If you think i might fit into your guild add me on Bnet to chat.


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