Returning to PVP! Warlock or Warrior


I haven’t played wow in a while, and pvp in so so so so long… (not since early wod) and I’m really excited to get back into it! I’ve always mained a warlock but I’m very unaware of how the meta is atm. I have a boost available currently and was debating on using it on a warrior for pvp, or just going back to my old ways and using my warlock. Suggestions would greatly be appreciated! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I haven’t played arena since 5th week into legion so i dont know how good things are but, just play your warlock and x ? its always good to play multiple things especially since warlocks get trained a lot it might be a relief just logging warrior sometimes


This! And I am creating a warrior for that reason.


Warlock is the best in this meta. Before using the boost, create a combat trial warrior and take it for a spin. Many people find it too simple and therefore boring, but it is very strong.

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Sure if you like getting constantly kicked on everything you do


warlock i think … <3


Mate just play what you like… both classes are good. Warlock has a higher skillcap, whereas warrior is the easiest class around. If you wanna faceroll, go warrior. But really just play what you like best


The meta is very caster heavy with lock being very dominant. Its mostly destro atm but the other 2 lock specs are perfectly viable all the way to the top of the ladder aswell.

Warrior is strong as fury in 2’s and not that good in other brackets. You can watch a good streamer play 3’s for an hour or two without spotting a single warrior.

In RBGs the situation isnt a lot better. The RBG groups are very caster heavy. Having a warrior in your group is just a liability since they are a lot easier to focus down than the alternatives like an extra rogue for example. While a rogue does the same pressure, adds extra control and has more ooh sht tools.

So if you want to stick to 2’s go (fury) warrior. In all other situations lock is your best bet.

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Melee is more easier than caster in general.

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If you really don’t know which class to choose and you worry about selecting much “weaker” class for PvP, try to find a high rated pro-gamer who play a warrior and another one who play warlock. TwitchTV is a very good platform for that. You can see the potentials of each class. It will be easier to see which class you prefer more. Also, the advantage is you can ask question and streamers are very happy to answer them!

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