Revamp levelling in retail

I know this has probably been brought up before and from reading forums i can see some abuse coming my way but want to see other peoples opinions…
The 1-60 experience needs revamping…i got back into wow just after dragonflight released… ive been on and off since vanilla and dragonflight is the first expansion ive got into the end game stuff properly… i introduced my friend in march and we enjoyed it… got our 2k mythic in season 1 and 2, became alt addicts and then i introduced him to WotLK classic…
For him, being nearly a year into his wow career he loves the leveling experience in classic and he kinda doesnt want to come back to retail… now ive done the raid on normal, done a few mythics for season 3 but he still hasnt come back. But after playing both i can see why he is preferring wotlk…
Personally i prefer the end game of retail… we are frost DKs in wotlk, 5.1k GS and we cant get into a ice crown raid… which kinda kills the end game for me as i really enjoy raiding…
I wish retail would condense there leveling expierience… and by condense i mean story wise, for us leveling alts in retail he barely has a clue whats gone on in the story…obviously youtubed has helped him but i think the 1-60 needs to be more meaningful… like can blizzard not make a quest chain taking you through key points… i wouldnt want retail leveling to become as slow as wotlk as i do like the convience but can they make it less of a chore… its like you go on auto pilot to level 60 and none of it is meaningful.
Would like to hear other opinions on this or ideas on how blizzard can make this better for new players and current players

This is my first post on here so please be kind :slightly_smiling_face:


Not going to happen unfortunately, or level boost sales will drop


I agree completely. There isn’t a thing that’s not broken about retail levelling.

The story is disjointed.

It’s very short.

The story ends prematurely and begins in medias res.

There is no need to read the lore to get the objectives, thus the player never experiences any lore.

The player has to be somewhat lucky to even find out what to do.

The beginning experience is much worse than the original, full of blockers that lead to quit moments, super easy enemies that wouldn’t teach you anything if the game didn’t literally force you to use a certain ability on them.

Total inconsistency in art style and fidelity

Mobs that scale to your level everywhere, meaning levelling up makes you weaker.

And so, so much more.

At least they fixed the talents, so that’s nice.

Yeah it’s trash. It’s total trash. If WoW had shipped with this levelling experience it’d have been dead in a few months, if it would even have lived that long. In fact it’s very similar to that of a lot of the “WoW killers” back in the day - which is not a good thing.


Beyond Chrome Time I don’t think Blizzard has any appetite for trying to make the leveling and the storytelling flow in a more sensible manner.
That ship has sailed. Everything that isn’t the current expansion is sort of just left behind, becoming part of the giant amalgamation that is the leveling content. A mess like no other.

That being said, Blizzard does plan for Dragonflight to be the new leveling expansion, which it sort of seems made for. It has a lot of the NPCs from Exiles Reach so the story flows somewhat organically from there. Plus the Dragonflight story is very contained in and of itself, so it’s easier to get a grasp on without prior knowledge.
That should be better than dumping players into BfA or Shadowlands, albeit only slightly.


Ignore those people, it’s sad to insult others for expressing an opinion.

Anyway moving on to your post: I agree but I don’t think there’s a solution there if I’m honest. WoW has so much story at this point it’s virtually impossibe to ‘catch up’ as a new player.

I do think it might be possible if we ignore 80% of the expansions and focus on the last 2, so that the new player has at least some idea of whats going on.
This is what chromie time is doing in part, with forcing a new player to play through BfA.

Before SL we had to go through every expansion which resulted in us doing just the first zone and then moving on to the next. I’m personally a big fan of Chromie time and it enables me to still mix it up.

For example my ‘main’ route when lvling alts is going classic zones Elwynn, westfall, redridge, STV and then moving on to either Outland/Pandaria or Legion, whichever I’m in the mood for most.

But yeah lorewise there’s no way to make it coherent in any way if you’re just starting out.


Totally agree… Especially how the story is being told. Imagine for example being a new player and leveling through BFA, it would be like starting a new TV series from episode 124 without knowing anything which means you won’t understand anything.


The game is 19 years old. No matter what Blizzard or the players do that’s a lot of story to digest. Also playing through old expansion contains a lot of noise. Many storylines aren’t relevant to the grand scheme of things, they’re self contained.

Old or new leveling experience, sifting through all that story takes time.


Wow thanks for the nice responses guys :slightly_smiling_face: but yeh i think how to implement this is the struggle. I do hope dragonflight does become the leveling expansion… maybe they should do a run down cut scene for the lore…although this could end up being a long cut scene :joy:

i don’t think the shortness is the issue here, right now leveling in retail feel like something that’ll cause players buy boosts because of how dull it is. just like the open world content. it’s like they want to sell 424ilvl chars ready to start pushing m+ keys on shop so people will want to avoid everything else :slight_smile: oh wait…

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They said in Blizzcon that Dragonflight will be 10–70 when The War Within is out. So when you do the starting island you will be directed there (though not forced). It will make a lot more sense for people to do that and then at level 70 go to TWW.

It makes better sense to do this sort of thing imo, then you can go do the other expansions for lore whenever you want and not deal with the dramatic QoL changes of levelling.

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Just saying, putting… dots… after… every… word… doesn’t… Make… you… dramatical…

In TWW prime leveling experience will be dragonflight

You aren’t reading lore to get to objectives in vanilla, no NPC will tell you meaningful information (and I mean by lore how world works, not the current storyline, story and lore are different things), also after some point you can pretty much ignore it because the way NPC text written there is always a pattern of how they tell you destination.
You don’t need to force people read also, you can just not condense whole narrative into only NPC text

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The revamp will probably come in about 2 years and 9 months, once they give that void expansion that returns us to the old world.

that’s a really bad decision imo like dragonflight is the worst place to start their journey as an mmo player . even more people will quit right after starting because they won’t be able to see the good side of wow like great storylines & fun quests, no class fantasy etc. just a land of ugly dragons. bfa at least has some main characters and an engaging story that makes people want to discover more


That’s fair, it’s all dependent on opinion. I like Dragonflight, I love Cataclysm, I liked WoD… I am somewhat on the minority there. Whilst BfA was a good intro it would make little sense to bop into TWW lore wise, whereas to DF it was fine. Plus I think most people love dragons. I will be happy to try an evoker 10-70 rather than 58 because it confused me like hell.

DF you will learn the flying asap, which is carrying on into TWW. You can be a nobody, like BfA. I just thank cake they didn’t make one of them SL. Also it won’t go to 70 and further scaling up would just be riddled with bugs. (I imagine the scaling down will be too mind)

Really they should also highlight the ability to do other expansions with chromie time for new players.

yes and i think there should be a new questline to give new players a choronological story bits as main story quests if they want to . like start from vanilla quests to tbc wrath etc. to show them parts of what happened because a new player can never find their way with story in the game it’s impossible .it’s too hard to dive in as a new player . making them start at the end and giving the option to go back is good but if they want to go back they just see a content dump

The problem with Retail is that there is simply too much of it.

For many years we’d long stopped getting a story while levelling. You simply did a few quests, moved zone, rinse repeat until the later parts of the game. So Chromie time does at least allow people to get the story of one expansion.

It’s not possible for someone joining now to get the same experience as someone who has done every expansion while it was current.

I do think it would be nice for those players who are interested in the history of the game, or the story through the expansions should be able to see that somehow.


Most people that I know very much liked tusksarr shenanigans (yes chef), dragons everywhere, abundance of humor and high speed flying.
Df is certainly a better starting point than bfa


I think for people who like me enjoy the open world and aren’t really interested in PvP/Raid/M+ it has been a great expansion. Even better for us next as we are finally a 4th end game pillar :slight_smile:

What’s important to understand is that the same argument can be made for vanilla. Its world is built on the events of Warcraft 3. Lots of story you’d “have to know”, right? Why didn’t it break?

Because it tells the story of you. It starts with your origin, culture, race, and nature. It then moves you throughout a world full of lore that tells you what happened, and leaves each area mostly self-contained and open-ended, with the ability to move between them freely. But your story is center-stage, and it began when you clicked Enter World for the first time.

Modern WoW is the opposite. It starts out assuming you know the story and connects the expansions together. This is why we’ve got a heckton of broken expansion content.