Revantusk Tribe Allied Race

Evidently a lot of Troll Players wants Forrest Troll models, and since we weren’t given any in the customization update in the pre-launch of Shadowlands. I think its a perfect time to add the Revantusk Tribe into the Horde faction as an allied race.

It would be the easiest way and excuse to get the Forrest Troll as a playable race since they are officially part of the Horde

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I’d rather have just a chunky and upright option for Forrest Trolls.
Allied races should be reserved for races that bring something really new to the faction.

Allied races in general where a mistake (and most should be folded into their “parent” race).

That said, I do agree with Tekra, forest trolls should be added as a customisation option for the already playable trolls, they bring nothing new except that they are bulkier.

They can lock skin options for the bulky model though, by only giving them green (forest) and blue (ice) skintones.

That way both the forest and ice trolls could be playable for (role)players, next to the lean Dark, Jungle and Sand trolls.

You can make a playable dark troll?!? Aren’t they extinct in the lore besides that one female in zuldazar?

probably not all of them, many became night elfs, but doubt mount hyjal was the only place you could find them.

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One of the new* skin options for playable trolls is the same skin colour as the dark troll speaker.

Looking through I cant find the ashy grey skin tone

there’s only a darker grey one afaik.

Oke, maybe I am stupid but I could’ve sworn one of the skins is the same as the Shadowtooth Speaker uses.


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