Revert this to MoP


Class design is important for all aspects of the game to be enjoyable.

You should revert the class design to MoP and start fixing/changing from there.

The current class design is way too far away from its prime time in order to be fixed with a few changes…


You mean WoTLK :stuck_out_tongue:

(Liaara) #3

MOP lovers… Mop was the start of the end and also reason why the game now feels as it feels. New talent system , broken items, 35+ binds, gold inflation, to much CCs (my warlock had 7 crowd control effects , no joke) , everyone had heal, interupt, dmg reduction or immunity while some specs had both of it, 15 minutes long arena matches without any winner, op tanks becouse of vengeance (especialy paladin). Non existing dps balance, like absolutly (aff lock 1,2 milion st dps vs ret 500k). I dont know why so much ppl still embracing the MOP


There is no class design change until next expansion. Go back to the 2nd or 3rd Q and A.


New talent system was great when it was first released, they changed it to be bad though.

You don’t need that many binds, only if you want to play on high rating and it’s also part of higher skill cap.

sure shadowmourne, Cata legendaries weren’t broken at all.

That surely was the class design’s fault

Which were avoidable so it’s fine

TIL that every class having defensive cds is a bad thing.

Uhm that’s BfA/Legion.

In PvP tanks surely weren’t op

Oh so triple outlaw rogue now is definitely better


nope not mop . They started making the errors in it that have continued till this date

(Liaara) #7

Ok talents were become a problem you had classes which had default pick as its now, without any other competetive choice. Lvling started to be poitless you started to be weaker and weaker during it, as its now.
Huge amount of binds, again if you want to be competive for higher content you need this , to do the best is huge part of the motivation to play the game for lot of gamers , so its as you said.
Legendaries as Shadowmourne was realy strong yes, but it was a miles behind the cloak dps legendary or trinket which literaly doubled your dps.
CCS when you have 5 or more ccs on character and bounch of them has long range or its instant cast… ( try to avoid it).
Deffensives/Offensive abilities do you realy need to push 3 buttons to buff yourself or chain deffensives as mad like my ret paly i had 3 offensive cds and these deffensives in Mop: bop, lay on hand, buble, 20% percent reduction for 10sec/1 min cd ,20% all raid dmg taken reduction 6 sec duration,2 mins cd + every crit gave me free instant heal passive and buble reducing every incomming dmg by some % at 100% uptime. the funny thing is the ret was average and rogues together with ferals and warriors just pretty much replaced all melee in the hc raids during Mop (windwalker was also good but not popular).
Arena matches are now and were in Legion much shorter then in MoP (implementation of anti heal mechanic).
Tanks: I will give you two examples our tact on last boss in Hearth of the Fear. The blood Dk will kill 6 elites on the right side and the rest of the raid will clear the elites on left side at the same time (like realy it worked like that 1 tank did almost same dps as 6 dpsers on Aoe) . Second prot paladin lot of tanks has been almost twoshoted by mythic Garosh by his melee attacks, but protection paladin was able to solotank it and also replace one raid healer at the same time.
Finaly triple rogue in m+ is bad, but there werent any mythic+ in Mop to compare, if it would been it would be much worst then today and without healers completely.

Btw i had protpaladin on MOP and i farmed outdoor boss designed for 40 ppl solo, its enrage was to weak so it died after cca 1hour…


That’s not true. Enemies just became stronger but you didn’t become weaker. There was no zone scaling in MoP.

The cloak was obtainable for everyone though, you only needed to do LFR for it and it was useless in pvp.

Idk Warlock was rather one of the classes with the weaker CC. Do you mind listing these 7 different CCs ?

It allowed you to actually put thoughts into your gameplay and use your spells in a smart way. Using a defensive spell back then didn’t guarantee you to survive

This got implemented in MoP.

well that must’ve given you a huge advantage over other players and not only a complete waste of time…

(Liaara) #9

I will not comment all your stuff becouse,its like some propapanda activist list however, when one class is able to kill solo world boss, then yes it gives you huge advantage over other players/classes, just try to implement spec like this into the raid enviroment or m+ pls… its simply bench for any other tank spec and one random healer…, is it fine ? And dps table was pretty same mess in Mop, like smoke bombs and insane number unbalance


what did you gain from it aside from a weekly item that everyone from a 40 man group could get, too ?

Yea just like in BfA. The only difference is that MoP was actually fun and harder

(Liaara) #11

Dont cut the pieces from a context pls , thats how the extremism and even the populism works, its when someone is masking the problems, failures or existing opinions by twisting the informations or blaming the others and then he is throwing it wildly to the public.
To promote his own will .
Instead of it share me your opinion why do you think the MoP was great, what was your favorite about Mop, what features do you miss from it. I am interested about it MoP has lot of fans, you are realy not first who says Mop was great. So why…

(Ghimrizz) #12

Well to be honest there’s many players who like broken specs. aswell. I mean broken in the good way ofcourse. I really couldn’t stand MoP myself, because of the class balancing issues.

Fury and Arms warriors being totally broken dmgwise being about 50% higher overall then all Hunter specs. Holy priests being utterly pointless to play, since every other healer fullfilled it’s role better. Disc was playable, but why bring any healer priest when you could aswell have them be shadow priests and put to good use etc. It was also an Era of broken balance druids being best in almost everything, perhaps that’s why so many druid posters remember those days so fondly…

The only positive thing i remember about class design was that rogues where in the dumpster for it’s first expansion ever and I really enjoyed that. :roll_eyes:

(Liaara) #13

100% agree… sadly its mathematicaly imposible to agree more :smiley:


As much as i loved mop as an expansion the class design back then was really boring and with wod it became even more homogenized.

Also Cata to MoP were both expansions that took the flavor and fun from classes and made them all the same with different named spells.


gold inflation started with wod and continued in legion with table mission who gave 10k+ every week for ever alt u had

(Liaara) #16

Missions in wod were insane, however pandas were only datadisk when i had 3milion golds and i didnt realy do anything special (that was reason why they came with BAH many ppl had to much golds…), but i have admit the wod was by far the worst example of gold infaltion table+token…

(Vulrin) #17

Reverting back to mists not only brings class depth, it brings class fantasy and skill cap to the game ./praise be this idea.

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(Atahalni) #18

Cookie cutters were always a thing, even now.

Lies. You got stronger, and you got new abilities/talents when you leveled up.

I can bind +40 abilities comfortably with my mouse and keyboard combined. If you can’t, that’s your fault. Not blizzards.

I didn’t farm the cloak/ring during mop/wod and i was absolutely fine.

Untrue. We had the deepest damp matches than ever before and longer matches this expansion due to tank trinkets.

Godcomp wpuld 100-0 people easily.

Who the hell cares about PVE? Tanks were crap in pvp.

(Atahalni) #19

Like you??


I was happy with rogue in cataclysm. There was a lot more mechanism, and abilities for take down enemies. Rogues are kind of a joke compared to what it was before. Every pro gamer hates playing his main, because they dont feel it impactful, and meaningful, or simply the playstyle is boring right now. Which is kinda awful for an rpg game. There is a lot of content, but the playstyle is just boring. No one cares about world questing or, do mythic + or something else, everyone is caring about to their main’s playstyle. Btw content creators are awesome here, but class designers are just horrible. Everything should be accepted, but these prunes what they did to classes is unacceptable.