Right-click whisper leads to say

Anyone got an idea where this is coming from? Seems I only have this issue on some of my chars, but I am using the same unit frames (SUF) on all of them.
I’m right-clicking and selecting whisper but getting a say prompt. It seems to be even more wacky, because one time I instead whispered to the previous person I whispered.
Some obscure setting in the Chatter addon maybe?

have you tried to disable all addons and check if the problem still occurs?


Well, if it’s just on one or some characters, it’s surely gonna be an addon issue. I was hoping I could avoid another long process of elimination.

You are right, my question was not helpful, sorry.

The only thing I can think of, is when you try to invite someone and get the Player not found error. Instead of not doing anything at all, you see your described behavior. Though, I suppose you would see that message then, too. :disappointed:

You already named two addons, you think are responsible.

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