Rise of Azshara PTR - Initial Class Changes

(Nuvic) #21

Prot war will still be good if this is the only nerf.


Outlaw getting nerfed. Problem with DKs is frost is broken. If frost was doing good ST, unholy doing great aoe and blood always being stromg the class would be in a great shape.

Also saw up there fire mages. Fire mages are still great fun and their ST dmg is ok and getting better as secondaries grow.

The dps table moves around but the common problem is the complexity of the specs we lost from legion where all your weapon traits, most leggos, tiers were spec specific and that felt great.

If you didn’t main that class/spec you probably didn’t know everything it could do and it made you more attached to your character and class because you where the expert. Now you can pick up a class on an alt and suss it out in 5 mins.


Just wondering any news on stable slots? Many fellow hunters are loathed to tame new pets, by sacrificing older ones. Is there some news, on the front of petmogs or a hunter pet collection tab?!


As a long time Prot warrior, I’m happy with these changes. I expected them in 8.1.5 tbh. As long as they leave our survivability alone, do wtf you like to our damage. We should be TANKS first and foremost.

Regarding Guardian - About time, but their core issue is gameplay and lack of rotation. I know that’s more of a 9.0 thing, but god they are boring AF to play. While more survivable, I’m not sure just being able to spam Iron Fur more is in anyway fun. Please revert some of their GCD stuff so that Bears can at least mix it up a bit.

(Nuvic) #25

Guardian will only be good vs physical damage which is not good enough in BFA. They need to add magic mitigation back or buff frenzied regen.


I will agree.

(Lynxanna) #28

Disappointed by the removal of moonfire for ferals/guardians. How am I supposed to gather new adds as a guardian without it? Something has to be added to replace it, and why go one step back only to go one step forward immediately again? Dumb change.

If it’s worked for this long why screw with things? And ferals not having any decent ranged ability is just excruciatingly annoying. Untalented moonfire as a feral doesn’t even kill trash mobs in mists of pandaria LFR, costs tons of mana, and it takes you out of shapeshift when used too. There’s bunches of situations where you need to kill ranged mobs in old content, and ferals just can’t do it (in a way that’s even remotely efficient) without being forced to pick one particular talent.

A choice where one choice is the ONLY choice is NO CHOICE! :frowning:

(Nuvic) #29

It’s there for guardian. removed for feral/resto/boomy. Gonna hurt boomy. irrelevance in pvp. resto and feral can’t keep rogues in combat in bear form anymore while they have ranged combo generator and slow baseline.

Feral lunar inspiration needs major buffs.


Make enh great again


you need to build up your holy power in order to use divine storm you know, you cant just spam divine storm like hum… outlaw during blade flurry

(Joeblob) #32

In 8.2 Blizzard doesnt count with?:

  • arms war
  • survival hunter
  • sublety rogue
  • enha shaman
  • fire mage
  • arcane mage

are these classes out of favor when You dear Blizzard developers ignore them?


what about enhancement shamans?if I’m forced to play spec which I don’t like,something is obviously wrong.I’m playing that game only for the arenas and now nobody wants to play cuz everyone wants to play with elemental since enh is useless in all aspects(survivability,utility,defensive).Jesus,didn’t you guys notice the demon hunters?It’s so fotm class now.Have you ever played enh shaman vs dh/warr or dh/dk to see how it’s ridiculous?Enh shaman’s can’t do even 2/3 of the pressure which other melees do.Just check the ladder,check the statistics…wtf,don’t you see that enh is totally garbage.It’s maybe good if you are 415 ilvl,but other classes don’t even need gear to do enh dmg…stop embarassing yourself wtf,are you trolling?Developers on private servers will pay more attentions to the feedbacks srsly.GG mage has 4 blinks,enh does 1k dps and demon hunter kills everything with 2 spells,can it get worse?Where is the good PvP like MOP 5.4.8 where all classes and specs were viable?I don’t care about mechanical bees or some trinkets with yu gi oh cards…all I want is my spec to work fine…or if all specs work equally good,it will be amazing,and im pretty sure im not the only one who wants that.If I lose so many subscribers,I will change my mind…like wtf.have you ever played arenas to check how horrible is your pvp? im playing with double deffensive trinkets and nature’s guardian,using all my deff cds and DH/DK DK/WW DH/WARR kill me with closed eyes.I mean it can’t be l2p issue since it’s not hard to kill something with 2 buttons

(Liaara) #34

I am sure its not final, much more tunning will come later. The difference in scalling with the gear , traits and new upcoming Hearth of Azeroth talents is too huge. try to compare lets say balance druid with frost dk . They need more time to change numerical values otherwise it would be total failure

(Nuvic) #35


One has OP single target other has OP burst AOE. performance of those 2 specs depends on raid tier. Frost DK was #1 in uldir. It’s really hard to balance classes as it also depends on the raid content.

(Lepanto) #36

Wow. I have 7 classes at cap and only one of the mentioned ones for changes, What are the chances? Hahaha.

Like what I see. DH tanks and Bears are very rare, any and all love is welcome.

BM hunter, which I do use and enjoy I like the change as it makes sense. Also want to believe that whilst mostly neutral it might provide skilled hunters an alley to eek out a marginal DPS gain.

Warriors went from bottom of the barrel to darlings. Hope the change takes them to still desireable.

I think BDKs could use a small tiny buff in mitigation or perhaps death strike.

And Resto Shammies need a lot of love


not necessarily, very often you can use DS for free or quickly build up your holy power using wake of ashes.

(Ayellin) #38

You do not know how divine storm of a paladin works if you think it is hitting 1 ability is divine storm doing the damage yes HOWEVER you need resources and you only get those by using other abilities and being in melee range of the mobs you are trying to hit.

That is a trait with 1RPPM yes you can but it got a normal proc rate of 1 time a min
wake of ashes is a 45second cooldown for a burst of 1 use of divine storm then you need to use at least 1 more filler to get off the next divine storm.

The problem unholy has is the uncapped aoe the thing that for most classes got changed to caped back in the MoP days.


Maybe what’s wrong is you think you’re being forced to play a spec you don’t like? I mean I get you’re underpowered and that sucks (especially since I got destroyed by on in a bg earlier!) but if you don’t enjoy it play a different class/spec.


hi, If your are ajusting the classes why you guys dont make the new relic system more class oriented then General? i mean everyone will get exactly the same relics no matter witch class you play so in the end it will be again everyone picking up the 3 most powerfull ones and thats it… why not specific class relics like the artifact talents in the past?

(Jinsk) #41

good changes for affliction +1