Rise of Azshara PTR - Initial Class Changes

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But then again everyone of a certain spec whould play the same thing. These abilities are acctually diverse enought to promote difference between scenarios and classes as they are… for example the spike ability is awesome for Shadow priests when chorus kicks in doing massive dmg and feel really awesome to use, but felt extremely lackluster for elemental shaman etc.

Ancient Accelarators the same basicly, since summoning a Shadowfiend was really boring compared to the fire elemental a shaman gets. Lucid Dreams work differently for shamans, shamans get alot of mealstrom making them able to burst heavially for a short time. But then again mealstroms basicly never an issue for shamans making it a bit on the weak side. While Shadow priests can extend their voidform extremely long making Surrender to Madness quite tempting with that one.


RNG for free DS he shoots at me like a rifle. I know how a paladin works.
Free DS, Free Hammer, Freee BoJ,
do you really have a problem with generating paladin resources?
I do not have any problems, I do not have any problems to spam DS on aoe.

What do you mean by writing that aoe is uncapped ?
it results from mechanics,
on what basis do you think that this should be limited?

in most cases, many more classes will do more damage to aoe, one or two skills. Unholy needs time, others do not.

and what about the damage to one target?

btw. What is the history of this world of warcraft or the history of this class? or desing? what it comes from? I want to know that.

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Proc based stuff i guess you complain when frost mages burst when any class bursts with procs then.
Like outlaw rogues

No but most people do not understand the basics that you need to be on the target to generate them being away from the target even for 1 second means you are losing potential holy power and you can not EVER get those holy power back you lost back.
If a fight lasts 5min or 2hours you only have X amount of potential holy power to have over that time period if you miss that you lose dps and there is no way to get it back.
You claim that you need to do a lot to set up unholy aoe and it is just to press divine storm for retri and that is simply not the case.
An unholy is not doing more or if so it is not much to set up aoe over what a retri paladin is that is why i do not believe you know how retri paladin works.

Here is how most aoe spells works they do X damage to all targets around however there is either a diminishing return to 20 capped there or a hard cap at 20targets.
meaning if you pull more mobs then 20 your aoe can not ever do more damage, even if you had 200 mobs around you your actual aoe dps will stay the same on 20 as 200mobs.
(at least it was 20 last time i looked and to be fair that was in legion)

Unholy however does not hit this limiter so with 20 mobs or 200 the 200 mobs will be more dps.


The problem with AoE on Unholy is that you have quite some time in which you´re rampig it up. If you´re talking about Unholy AoE that we have seen in the MDI, it was caused just thanks to the traits and the cooperation of the team. Unholy has his AoE capped to 20 targets as everyone else, but thanks to the Festermight trait and fact he has many abilities that generate Festering Wounds on many different targets and abilities that burst these Wounds, unholy gets enormous amount of Strength buff for 20 seconds.

Paladin has ramping time too but he stacks Holy power on himself and than use it while DK has to use it on enemy (and as we´ve seen, DKs were able to do those enormous numbers only with reaping) and when those enemies die before he can burst those wounds, he won´t do nearly as much DMG as we have seen in MDI.

Nevertheless, I don´t understand why are arguing about DK and Paladin as they are both in quite a good shape now. I would understand if you were comparing one of those with enha, feral or survival (and so on).



I have already written about this before, but something anyone can selectively read.

btw. please check dmg on Opulence (mythic,hc,norm)…there is not much to mention about other bosses.

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Where are the feral buffs and the real guardian buffs (magic dmg mitigation and gcd removal)?


Good stuff, but are those class tunings really “get exited for 8.2 worthy”? feels more like normal class balancing hot fixes that should be implemented when they are identified?

I’m sure the MDI teams will adapt.

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No one likes your stupid MDI when all you see is outlaws and prot wars rdruid WW


These can´t be the final changes they made. As major patch, there will be significant changes later on PTR. Otherwise Blizzard would loose another bunch of ppl as the balance for few specs is bellow bottom tier (Vengence, Feral and Enha (but I saw quite a good Enha that matched the DMG with Ele)), few are bellow average (Frost DK, Survival, Arcane a fire mages, Guardian and so on). As this is originally a Blue post, I bet that there will be another update in upcoming weeks as they have to process the feedback on Essences and act according to that in term of class tuning.


no its not, I open with 30-35k single target on prot warrior and mostly finish on 13-14k. My DH starst on 15k and finishes on 9.5k


Why to wait until 8.2? Why not putting in these class changes immediately?


Frenzy Regen should be like in WoD. Druid lost Mark ability, so it’s only logical that they can have viable magic damage ‘‘counter’’. Just make FR cost 40 rage again and heal for a set % of health. Obviously it’ll need to be adjusted to not to be more powerful that Iron Fur against physical damage.

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Partially to build up anticipation and partially for testing, so nothing explodes when they change something.


There’s no need to wait for the Protection Warrior and Outlaw Rogue nerfs, but I think Blizzard doesn’t want to mess up the current MDI.


Outlaw is barely nerfed same as prot warrior. they need to do real nerfs.


agreed, take away & give the barest hint of nothing to ferals, again and again. how is this “improved gameplay”?


So i can see now that you gave just ignore Balance druid, the fact that you guys don’t have a brain to understand by watching MDI or other streamers/listen to community how bad Boomkins aoe are now in m+ is scary, i literally feel sorry for you. This game is only going 1 way and it’s down, and sadly you don’t care. Well done :slight_smile:


For the changes to Frenzied Regeneration to properly come together, please take it off the GCD like you did with Ignore Pain. I feel like it would greatly improve the feel of Guardian considering it’s meant to be a reactive ability.

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I second this as well, Frenzied Regeneration just doesn’t belong in the GCD, it’s a reactive ability that needs to be save for emergency cases and triggered the moment it is needed, not before nor 1 sec after.


Adding an instant heal component to the ability is a step in the right direction and shows the intended reactive nature of the ability, but it needs to come off the GCD for it to feel right.