Roccat Leadr Swarm Macros


As the title suggests, this post is about macros created in roccat swarm on the roccat leadr.
I’ve bound 4 of my buttons on the mouse to certain key combinations, which in turn are in the wow keybindings on a slot so that I can press the mouse-button and then the wow-keybinding allows for an ability-use.
These macros look the same as all other macros in roccat swarm to me and are currently strg+ num(4), with num(4-7) respectively.
When pressing the button on the mouse - swarm macro and wow keybinding completely bound and saved respectively - nothing happens.
I have looked through the old forum page as well as the new one, and I have found not a SINGLE post about the roccat leadr, leading me to believe that either

a) the leadr is not supported to begin with
b) I am literally the only wow user that is using a leadr and getting these problems.

I now hope that this first post about the roccat leadr can lead to answers - I have found none myself, as there are only posts about the roccat kova (or something like that) on both wow and reddit.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

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