Rogue + Hunter lf casual raiding guild

Hi we are looking for a casual guild that aims for aotc and maybe 1-3 mythic bosses.

The raid times are we looking for are no later than 21:30 end time

My xp is 12/12 Nylotha, and aotc other tiers. 397 ilvl

Hunters xp is some aotc. 386 ilvl

We also like doing dungeons and pvp :wink:

discord: Michalodzien#1819

Howdy Big, we are a normal/heroic Guild based on Draenor and at the moment are 6/8 into HC. We raid on Sundays and Tuesdays at 20:00 ST and we do M+ on our discord whenever there’s interest. We also do more casual events once and a while like TMOG runs so our low levels can join them. Give a shout if your interested and here’s a little more about us! :slight_smile:

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