Rogue is balanced and fair class :)

Not even high mmr and only facing rogues. But hey rogue is a balanced class and not overtuned at all. Game is in good place :slight_smile:


At some point it’s only rogue / hunt /fury / demo, with either priest or rdruid.

Rdruid being the most tilting healer as you have to switch on hots but when you finally reach him you got db into clone or bash clone on CD into root etc.

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It’s not like we don’t know this since day 1 of rated arenas :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe pistol shot goes brrŕrrrrrrrr

(I got too the point where i stop waiting on Blizzard too balance the game and start rerolling speccs that are broken)


how is 2,3 not high mmr in the most deflated season?

Its 2v2…

Its always like this for certain specs in this bracket and always will be becasuse they dont balance around it.


I love my Enhancement shaman, but it gets frustrating being out dps’d by lock life drain, stunned into oblivion by rogues (don’t get me started on the disappear/reappear nonsense), steam rolled by a fury who can somehow out heal me or just plain one/two shorted by a hunter…

Used my Dragonflight character boost on a rogue. It’s so easy it’s almost funny…

Did the same with a hunter on the last expansion. Brought him out if retirement and he manages to melt faces in BG in greens??

are u a new player? every season since s1 there has been a 0 skill op spec that dominates 2v2, its a for fun/cap bracket.

People moaning about hybrid healing when fury,DH self-heal tops them up, rogue, neverending restealth and comes back full hp, mage like panzer tank, locks life drain ect. And those peasants always think they know best and no1 just listening:d

From your screenshot, I can only tell Hunter/Shaman OP?


wierd flex but ok.

its about how u view it.
ofc u can reroll fotm op classes but u can also stick to what u truly like and do the best u can with it.

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