Rogue lf raiding guild 9pmST

Looking to come back to raiding in Dragonflight, looking for a chill guild to progress and do m+ with, Ideally mythic raids but im fine with HC.

Have a Druid healer friend that can also join.

Male 33, UK.
Looking to main rogue for the first time.

Can raid Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday.
Can raid after 8.30pm Realm time till whenever.
Ok with Xrealm and faction transfer.

Recent XP 6/10 Mythic CN (as tank)
Feel free to message for more information.


Howdy Dedroyal, we are a Normal/Heroic Guild based on Draenor that are now 6/8 into Heroic with the current raid tier. Our raid nights are Sunday and Tuesday, but our raid time is 20:00 ST which might not be ideal for you? Here’s a little more about us and if your interested just give a message either in-game or on discord :slight_smile:

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Hey, might be able to work something out! I’ll add you. Cheers

Added Wednesday.

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