Rogue/Mage. Is it balanced?

Im a noob and im genuinely asking.
Want your opinions.



No. Both are private server admin classes, designed to make everyone who doesn’t play them feel miserable and oppressed.


most broken couple since the beginning.


No. It sucks in low rating, and in high rating it’s broken

If you play lfg low rating and agree on trinket but for some reason as team dont stick to it and you overlap its probably over, now the rm team can play like normal group on low and do mistakes but they can win cos your 1 mistake with the trinkets

I let you do your own conclusion based on that :slight_smile:

Unless you were playing something like demo+rsham which are fun vs rm you need to play vs them really well

Problem with rogue mage on 2s is the comp either hard counter or the hard countered.

So if you play dh, ww or a warrior and don’t outplay them you almost no chance of winning against rogue mage. And if you play with lfg it is even becoming harder to outplay them since things can easily get overlapped.

If you play hunter, dk or dk then they don’t have much of a chance unless you make mistakes.

Right now there are not too many mages at the top of the ladder but it is still early for the judge. RMP might also not good as the before unless played by raiku and whaaz since holy priest is also got nerfed but we will see.

An in my opinion rogue/mage should always be s tier on 2s since it is the only viable 2s comp without a healer. And to be realistic most people don’t like to play healer because it is stressful and hard to play, especially on 3s.

Or they could introduce more double dps comps for 2s. I don’t like the idea of neglecting 2s and balancing game only for 3s. I think 2s is more popular in lfg since you can’t really coordinate with 2 random people without voice on 3s.

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There, balanced.


So far seen complain of frost low dmg but its alpha, passive ms is paggers tho :smile:

Rogue/mage creates a balanced equilibrium with only other Rogue/mages compeating into each other… so

yes in a way it has a form of balance… but not the balance you need.

It’s not tho? I guess depends on what you mean by viable if it’s r1 ladder then probably yes.

I can’t remember an expansion where Rogues were this opressive. Literally every spec is a bully in Arenas. Rogue/Mage was never as frustrating to face. On top they added stupid Resonator trinket that Rogues get the biggest benefit from.

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its actually the opposite. Lower Rated players have no idea how to react to rogue mage. They dont understand when to use defensives, they overlap and never pre use anything. The higher you get the more players realize how scripted rogue mage is and they find answers if the rogue mage is making mistakes.

there are quite more viable double dps combs.


From my experience, rogue/mage can do multiple mistakes and they’ll be fine - sprint, blinks, IB, cloak, vanish, meld->stealth… but if I’ll take ONE poly then it’s all over for my team. It’s so incredibly antifun I just stopped playing arenas. Why the hell dps has so many shields and selfhealing and why there are PvP crowd control abilities without cooldown…


holypala is actually really good into rogue mage. Nobody has as many answers as hpala.
I agree that rogue/mage can do mistakes and still win though.

no and Resonator bombs gives them even more advantage.

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Frost is still garbanzo spec without deep freeze

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Rogue/Mage is a very polarising 2s comp. Either you’re the right classes to have a chance (Feral/DK/well played Hunter), or you die with little to no counter play involved.

Understanding the flowchart means nothing when the opposing comp simply has more options than you do, if anything knowing exactly when you’re going to die makes it more tedious.


That’s how it is against any kind of 2x dps though outside of maybe the ones that rely on absurd amounts of hybrid healing to slowly hit a win condition in the long game.

I wouldn’t say rogue/mage in 2’s is much of a problem as it relies a whole lot on the healer/dps metagame to be good or great instead of just an avarage performing comp. It does have the thing going for it that it tends to be one of the best 2x dps comps in a bracket that generally is dominated by healer/dps teams.

That’s 2’s in general. Same logic applies when i queue into WW monks as disc priest. When i run out of specific defensives and my partner doesn’t have trinket then i die as soon as the monk gets a proc with a stun ready.

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Shadowlands Season 4 top 2v2 comps

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Check it on all ratings too for funzies :slight_smile:

Based on data from 62 000 2v2 matches from the previous 4 weeks. Last updated 10 August 2022