Rogues need a Buff Right now!

Assassination is unplayable and sub damage is so trash that my 5 cp Eviscerate does 80% less damage than a retri pala’s judgement.

Sub rogues need to be buffed!


Nope, they need a nerf.


it this sarcasm???

Yes, the person above you is being sarcastic.

I got hit by 8k evis. You are doing something wrong. Rogues don’t need buffs.


i have 34k hp but i lose 90% of it in a cheap shot seems like rogues think they should gib you before you can react.


I think sub rogues will be fine if they fix some of the more overtuned speccs. Playing sub rogue when 60-80% of the games are vs arms warriors is a bit rough atm.

However sub rogue might fall hard WHEN they nerf fire mage. We will see

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Rogue is getting carried by mage.

But yeah rogues are always in trouble when warriors are strong.


Mark my words, as soon as mage is nerfed … rogue is completely dead.

But its great we have so much utility … totaly needed and nice.

we are now just cheap shot bots for mages

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I like it “cheap shot bot” … as Borat says “verrrry naaaiceee”


zzzz nice joke

Weee, i can’t 1 shot players who have half a brain now… fix, maybe make ability 1shot ok bliez? fix plz.
Jesus christ, kids these days.

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says the most broken class in the game … I mean even your class color is pink wtf? :smiley:

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If you would learn how to play you maybe had a chance to beat pink class. :clown_face:

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I agree nerf rogue

There is no way for me to beat paladin … is sooo sad. I just made a paldin tho lvl 60 so maybe I spank your … with my paladin. who knows …

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My subt partner can burst 30k off people straight up with little counterplay to it

Rogues are fine. People complaining that they’re “set-up bots for Mages” fundamentally fail to understand the role the class fulfils. It’s like playing Feral and trying to go toe to toe with an Arms Warrior only to lose and claim Feral is garbage.

Disc Priests for example have historically (and continually) seen the most success playing set-up comps; I guess Disc is just a heal bot for Mages?