Rogues need a Buff Right now!

Rogues could use some stronger defencives like a 7-8sec feint with 20sec cd. And a crimson vial off gcd. I think the damage when using stuff is fine asf. But since its not instagib, and you run around as main killtarget until its up again, some counterplay to that would be nice.

no, no feral is absolutely overpowert, look these 6k op krit bites on a ret or warri!

You sub partner can do this only if certain conditions are ALL combined:

  • MFD/Symbols off cd (30sec cd, small but still)
  • Cold Blood on (1min cd)
  • Shadow Blades on (3min cd)
  • crit legendary enabled (requires restealth)
  • zero defensive/trinkets

It is NOT “straight up”. Ofc if he pops all of cds above he will destroy his enemy.

Nah, don’t even need all of that. Shadow technique hits WAY higher than the tooltip or combat log suggests

Trolling 10/10

Rog is such a pain to play against. That no one will agree with you. They are best if left at a tier. Combs that are played with Rogs are usually the least fun combs to vs. It’s been ches for the better part of 10 years with one shot potential.

Oh, so nerf other specs, cause poor rogues are not used to actually losing some games? Like…whole BFA huge amount of games were vs assa rogues, and?
Rogues are fine, they are on par with the other powerful specs, just now they can’t kill someone in a cheap shot, just take only 80-90% of his HP, poor rogues…

If that were the case, why so many Rogues play with a healer in 2s ?

Yes, other speccs actually need some nerfs. Sub rogue does not. The posted pvp tuning changes today is a good start (rogues will suffer from the fire mage nerf), but I still expect and hope to see arms warrior, ww monk and elemental shaman on that list soon as well.

Well, whole BFA sub rogue was trash (except in the start before season 1, and then it got overnerfed). I still played sub rogue in BFA, and I dont think many rogue mains actually wants to play Assa, it is so straight forward and boring compared.

This is just not true. The only way it is possible to deal 80-90% of someones HP in just one cheap shot is:

  1. If my enemy has way less gear and low versa.
  2. With the Dagger in the Dark pvp talent build (which is just a bad meme build)

That’s not true, they can take at least 80% in the opener. The get my 25% shield most off the time in the opener. So yea don’t know why it doesn’t work for you, but might be a player problem

Ye feral is fine but comparing them to warrior is a bit cringe - since warriors are for sure not fine.

The opener vs ONE cheap shot is not the same. Also he is saying that rogues does this alone, which is not true. In the opener in a normal arena game the other dps and healer is also bursting damage. He is talking about one single cheap shot by the rogue alone.

So yeah don’t know where you got that from, but migth be a reading problem

My point was that Feral has never historically gone toe to toe with Arms for raw output in an arena scenario; they’ve always had to use their utility toolkit to compensate instead of tunnelling damage.

Most others will suffer from hpally nerf, so?
Why do you think all your specs have to be top for PvP, when other classes doesn’t have it that way (except probably paladin and they are getting nerfed)?
When I play on pala or war (plate) a rogue using all his stuff can get me down to ~30% in a single stun and that’s in over 25% versa and 200+ ilvl, so?
Those are actually rhethorical questions, I don’t need your answer cause there is nothing a rogue would say to make this class full of obnoxious cheesy mechanics look like in a need of sympathy.
You (not personally) are so entitled and the community is so fed up with your class, that you just need to stay put and thank that unlike others you are still top and not in the gutter.

Yes assasin absolutely needs a buff.

  • Better energy regeneration.
  • Mastery overlooked (buffed-reworke)
  • More damage
  • Something so we can get the valuew from “garrote from stealth” (could work with 2 stacks of vanish)
  • Remove SND 10% energy reg and put it
  • Buff shiv damage
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Not really in the same way, but whatever. I think the changes are good, and they should still look into arms warrior and ww atleast… regardless of what ever class I am playing (I actually play both those speccs on my alts).

What are you talking about? I don’t think they should all be top speccs for pvp. All I am asking for is that sub rogue is, and continues to be viable (preferably keeping that spec as the best option for rogues in pvp)… If you even read what I wrote in this thread you would see that I said that it should not be buffed.

In the perfect world I wish all speccs is viable and as close to balanced as possible… right now it is not. And that is not because any rogues speccs is OP.

If they nerf sub rogue any more, the spec would no longer be viable. Simple as that

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These suggestions are crazy and would make Assa very OP. Lets not go that route

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No, they’re not, it’ll actually make assa playable and on par with other dps classes.

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oh yeah i know you want it.
but honestly this would not make it to op.
This would put it back in its bfa “state”

exactly my friend