Roleplayers in Classic?


Ion Hazzikostas says they are open to adding a RP-PVP realm if the community shows enough interest. We need to make our voices heard.

Head over here and take the poll if you’re interested:


Actually in my experience world PVP is plentifull on PVE realms. You don’t have the ganking, but even before the honor system was in place we had huge battles both in Southshore and the shimmering flats. So huge we crashed Blizzards servers 3 weeks in a row. I had more outdoor PVP battles on PVE servers than on PVP servers despite playing the vast majority of my time on RP- PVP servers. Why is that? Sometimes people, even on PVE servers, want PVP. Since you can’t go and gank people, you have to set up a big brawl between the factions. AV sure isn’t going to satisfy that with the crappy 1.12 version their planning, so unless it’s the ganking to be done either by you or to you, you probably get more World PVP on a RP- PVE realm.


I want to play on a pvp server, but without the gankfest that usually happen. Argent Dawn eu was the best server I have played on. I loved the community. I would like to play on an RP-PVP Realm in Classic.

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@Luicey: Many valid points and a very nice post overall. :slight_smile: My line of thinking might be overtly… cost effective. However, under the “old” systems… There is nothing to prevent players on RP realm turning PvP on. War mode did not exist back then, either. Basically, given what I know and / or assume over various details suggests (to me) that it would be sensible that classic RP players would have a single place, very much for themselves. With as little connecting / forced transfer / reroll as possible after the launching dust settles, so to speak.

I am not against a RP-PvP realm, I am just afraid of “lack of focus”. I am well aware that retail does NOT reflect the total situation. I just need to point out that for example the Spanish players effectively “lost” their retail RP and RP-PvP realms entirely.

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Totes. I’m very glad to hear this.

I joined in late vanilla, after AV was introduced and long after the Honour system was added, too. So my experience is most definitely lacking.

My appeal towards a PVP realm is the added danger and ever-present threat of enemy players, it keeps me on my toes and sharpens my skills. Having said that, the same PVP itch can mostly be scratched by Battlegrounds and “organised” World PVP, therefore if we only get one RP realm and it’s PVE, I know for sure I’m still going to have lots of fun.

With the recent Q&A and Ion Hazzikostas’ statement, I think it’s still a good idea to express interest and let them know there’s players out there looking to find the perfect home. If it ultimately falls short of my personal perfection, that’s okay, I don’t expect my own desires to be fulfilled by others.

Costs always have to be taken into account, and your viewpoint definitely helps to balance out my own. RP-PVP servers did not exist when vanilla launched in 2004 (right?) but instead were added later. There was a reason for this back then, and if the same is true when Classic launches, there will be another reason which is just a valid I’m sure.

A girl can dream. :3


Please listen to the community, this one last time before Classic is released. One RP-PvP server in EU / NA etc isn’t too much to ask and you can and should have seen how many people were dissapointed with their server choice being none existent.

RP-PvP gives everything Classic has to offer, don’t force us to choose between PvP or RP.


Highlighting the dev Q&A part relevant to this thread for anyone who might have missed it:

Please keep providing feedback, we know some of you want RP-PvP, and even if that doesn’t happen at launch, there’s always a chance to expand our realm structure if there’s enough demand for it, so definitely keep making yourselves heard by sharing your feedback and we’ll make sure to relay it to the dev team.


Thanks Taepsilum, it gives us hope knowing that you are listening!

I think the most important thing is that one RP-PvP realm would be available at launch, since I doubt many people will be willing to reroll if it gets released later.


I honestly thought that releasing classic with PR-PVP realms was a given. My impression was that RP-PVP has a far larger following than RP-PVE…

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@Taepsilum: Thank you for that. :slight_smile:

@Stenson: It is not 100% proof, but current activity stats on WCR for retail servers seem to indicate that Argent Dawn by itself is already bigger than the former RP-PvP 5-way of Defias Brotherhood and co. So RP-PvE appears to have been slightly more popular option as the small 2-way and 3-way only added to the difference.


Thanks for listening, I would strongly advice you to atleast rethink having an RP-PvP server at launch. A lot of us expected one and it will for sure not be empty. Also, why not at launch? It is only something positive, nothing negative about it.

And if it’s not at launch, will we have to reroll or will there be server transfer? A lot of us needs to know this before launch atleast. I’d we should wait with playing classic or if we can move our characters when it’s time :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work though! A release date wouldn’t be to bad either :wink:


Here’s my feedback: I’m not going to transfer or reroll later, I simply won’t play at all. The community and atmosphere is a big part of vanilla and an RP-PvP server should progress from day 1 like every other server. I don’t want a transfer/reroll mess when everyone has already settled down on other servers, that’s certainly one way to kill the atmosphere and any motivation. This whole “Sure we may add it later” is such a slap in the face to people like me who planned to play vanilla on an RP-PvP server again. People using retail servers as a way of measuring popularity has absolutely no clue as to why RP-PvP servers died. All the changes to retail over many years has made it pointless to play on such a server and people have obviously moved over to RP servers as the game was dying too. Vanilla is the IDEAL version for RP-PvP servers without all the sharding, warmode, both faction choices, flying, etc. 1 single RP-PvP server would be full at launch no doubt, but hey do whatever you want Blizzard, I’m tired of yelling and it’s your turn to make a comeback with WoW, we shouldn’t have to point out obvious mistakes.

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With all due respect, the old game is not the same game as we play currently.
The population that is going to play classic, will very likely be in general different from people playing BFA.
It,s a very different game in nature, feel, and playstyle.

To be fair the same can be said of data collected during vanilla.
That again was a different crowd, and likely not completely the same game then the one, we will be playing soon ( no pun intended )

The point i,m trying to make is: that i,m doubtfull that the data you are refering to can be used to predict what will happen in Classic.

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What’s the harm in having one from launch? If there’s low population, the only ones affected are the ones who really want to play on a RPPvP server, and they might well find it worth it.

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I would have hoped that there would be at least one RP PVE and one RP PVP server for each of the major areas at launch.

I believe there are a lot of people interested in playing on an RPPVP realm, not having one at launch but with the possibility of adding one later is likely to skew the initial figures as some might be willing to wait a while to see if one gets released. Others will no doubt start on an RPPVE server with the intention of changing or rerolling should an RPPVP one appear which could be really detrimental to the population of the RPPVE server.

So in my opinion it would be better to start by having the population spread across the full range of servers rather than risk a major alteration when a new type of server is released.

Also if I remember correctly, having played on RPPVP servers for much of my time on WoW, back at the height of the game, during Wrath and TBC there were 4 or 5 English RPPVP servers, so I would have thought that this indicated that there has always been the call for them even though there popularity dropped off later.


@Trelw Sure, take the source with a grain of salt. But comparing current activity when PvP has been out of the equation for so long? That makes me worry over my blood-pressure for how much salt it would require to swallow that.

What I mean to say is that Even if we had Blizzards own data for current server activity, that is not a valid gauge for interest in classic RP-PvP.


I was under the exact same assumption as others: atleast 1 RP-PVP realm at launch for NA and EU.
Due to the nature of the current retail game with flying mounts, far less traveling and in general less player interaction outside of RP events I didn’t care about what type of RP realm I played on.
But for Classic WoW It’s a different story. You spend way more time with players of the other faction during almost every ingame activity you do. There will be alot more cross faction interaction that is not pre-planned. This makes playing on a RP-PVP realm way more valuable to me.
To me it felt like a major promotional point of BFA has been that BFA would bring back the faction skirmishes that we knew or heard stories about from the old vanilla days! I feel Blizzard knows that these epic faction battles are something the players are fond of and want to relive, maybe thats why I assumed there would be atleast one RP-PVP realm.


Exactly. I moved to Argent Dawn on retail because it was the last bastion of active players. Now that PvP servers are a thing of the past I guess many players feel the same way. Flying mounts, sharding, forced Pvp zones and warmode all contributed to the demise of rp-pvp as a concept. Please dont hold that against us.


I have always played on RP-PVP realms and find them to be best suited to my gaming needs. If I go on a RP realm, PVP is hindered. If I go on a PVP realm, RP is hindered. It seems unfair to not be able to have access to all content of the game, and this is only attained by a RP-PVP realm.

Edit: Just one single RP-PVP server would suffice.


I would even be okey with 1 international server, maybe based in US West so the most of US/EU could have decent ping. Just give us one =(