Rollick Around Azeroth in the Snugglefin Romper

Rollick Around Azeroth in the Snugglefin Romper

Get the Green Snugglefin Romper and add some cozy-finned flair to your wardrobe!

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this is getting out of hand


20 euro…no thanks.

Ok. buys 4 games on GOG instead

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anyway yesterday i spotted in a TW dungeon one guy with it. so… i guess someone loves it.

It would be nice to have an option to shoot anyone wearing this with “friendly fire”

“Oy, sorry mate! I tought you are a big Murlock! And you know ,better safe than sorry…”
And double tap them
Untill nothing remains

But alas, this is just a dream
Anyhow if anyone like this, by all means, I am happy for you


That price for that thing is absolutely insane. No thanks.

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