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Hello first of all so sorry for my bad english. I just want to play with rogue I am just sick and tired to kill lots of mob to kill only one mob at the end and also I just want to get into world pvp as a solo player. But I tried it with class trial and I found it very complicated. In this case just I was wondering if is there any guides, addons, macros that you suggest specifically, and I like to play as a human male rogue is it correct race ? I do not care actually being ally or horde just I found it more good looking with mogs and racial benefits seems nice as well. What do you think about my race decision ? Do you have any advice for me ? And is it possible to learn ? Thank you very much for your time…

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Either orc or human both racials are huge, if you want something more adept night elf rogue can work too for shadowmeld giving you a 3rd restealth. Assassination or outlaw, ideally assassination would be your better spec for solo world PVP. Theres a dozen guides on youtube to help you ith stat prio, gear, talents.

Addons aren’t a must have. Only ones I would suggest getting is a addon to track enemy CDs + Gladius for arena if you ever do it and an addon to track DR so you dont overlap your kidneys and shorten the duration more than you might want to. Gear helps, especially things wont pick up till your 120 with azerite traits and decent trinkets imo atleast.


I don’t think Every man for himself is as awesome after the huge nerf to it, it shares 90 sek cd with the trinket, Night elves shadowmeld is superious in pvp as I see it, I like Gnomes better too, Worgen have another sprint

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Nah every man for himself is more than fine, it justifies running relentless too in rated PVP cause most CC a rogue eats is a stun. Worgen racial is lack luster and in most situations falls short to the extent of even calling it a second sprint as most slows still slow you back beneath normal move speed, orc has in built stun reduction + flat damage, troll gets 10% haste

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