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So there’s this big rotating wheel in Dazar’Alor with pictures on it. looks like it might be a story. I was wondering if anyone knew what it means, i can’t seem to find anything about it. This is all wowhead has on it: So if you know anything and might want to share it, thank you in advance :slight_smile:


If i understand correctly you mean this huge disc wchich is seen from great seal and is visible outside of pyramid? if yes then it’s called “The Great Seal” and is one of three seals that prisons G’huun.

Read here! :slight_smile:


Yes that’s the one i mean and thank you! Do you know by any chance if that’s the story of how G’huun got imprisoned? I just love the detail in those pictures. Looks like some hiroglypic story.


You definetly should level horde character 110 - 120 to get in touch with that story.

Here you go


There’s some amazing lore about it. There were 3 seals (pyramids) one per zone: Dazar’alor, Vol’dun, Nazmir. These seals were used to protect/isolate the titan research facility and prison, Uldir. I think Nobbel87 has a video about it.


Have fun researching more!


Short story : The titans made a facility to study old gods corruption but things went really wrong and they were forced to seal Uldir with 3 huge seals and leave minions behind to guard them.

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You could always, play the game and find out; there’s even a scene where it unlocks.


Thank you all for answering. I’ve levelled 11 horde characters to 120, but the seal part didn’t really stuck in my memory :thinking::roll_eyes: For the life of me i can’t remember a scene where it unlocks.


Well basically all zones are about that Seal and the story behind it, surprises me you missed it xD
Maybe you didn’t finish the main storylines of the zones, if so I highly suggest doing it. It’s kind of the Horde equivalent to the Jaina story line. If you had finished it you would remember the scene I guess (it’s actually the final cinematic xD)

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if i remember right, the scene for the one in Dazar’alor will be showed when you complete the last part of the story for the zone i think. the one where you must repel the blood troll invasion. i wont say more, but if you just want to watch the cinematic, it will be on youtube.

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