Rough times ahead

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Stolen from Icy Veins who stole from Reddit:

According to Jeff Hamilton, Senior System Designer on Warcraft, there’s currently no work being done on World of Warcraft right now.

Due to the ongoing lawsuit, WoW development was temporarily halted, which benefits nobody, not players, not the developers, or shareholders, according to Senior System Designer Jeff Hamilton.

We are not sure at this time if this will delay Patch 9.2 or even 9.1.5, depending on what will be unveiled in the near future (likely at Gamescom)


Good, maybe that means we won’t get any more awful changes to classic.


“Looking for Group Tool will be tested on the Public Test Realm.”
coming next month

We actually had lfg in TBC, not the version that is live now, with auto join and tp to dungeon, but where You could list your grp and ppl had to whisper you and you invited them manualul to say so, then You had to go to the dungeon.

I duno in what patch IT was added but with thenlack of tanks and healers for hcs i think they should add IT, but as IT was then, not the current version that is in live, wich was introduced in wrath of cataclism?

thing is we are on SL client so most likely retail lfg

Looking for Group Tool will be tested on the Public Test Realm. This will not be automated grouping and instead will be an organized list of groups, where players will still need to message one another to find groups.

Based on this id say we will get the TBC version.

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Not so fast. Whenever Actiblizzard are working on something these days, it usually means the game takes a turn for the worse. This gives us a nice break from all the incompetence making the game rot in record breaking time.

A little while longer before it is all retail, because they cater to whining retail babies 24/7.


Thankfully TBC was finished in 2008, it might hurt Shadowlands and that game was already feeling the effects of slow development.

So testing something that was in the original version is awful?

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You can still go to that horrible game called Final 14

that “horrible” game is doing better then any wow title and no r4pist staff, imagine

Enjoy Your 1 2 3 4 Skill combos
Oh and Sephiroth (only a name )
Infinite cutscene on the Daily Raids.
And… enjoy that Androgynous Elf :wink: For sure his designer isn’t an perv^^

You should insert the word alleged in that above sentence, unless you have proof that is.

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That’s still more buttons than a lot of the classes in TBC use, and what are BElfs if not androgynous? The cutscenes are horrible though, don’t know how people can stand it.

Why would development stop over a lawsuit? It’s an issue for PR, management, and legal not the development team.

its hard to think a litle bit, its fine.
im playing tbc on alliance and horde but i do see what is going on in the mmo comunity.
are you that blind?

Probably some whacked out #BelieveAllWomen

Innocent until proven guilty is a Standart that should be upheld and fought for to the last breathe

CA state suing blizzard with a 2 years investigation and the Fing CEO came out with a statement admiting fault and apologizing to woman.
what proof are you asking?

Blood Elf that Looks like adult not an small Elf as that One in ff14

It doesn’t affect us. The content for Classic was already made 1X years ago.