(RP) ATTENTION ALL SHOPPERS! Emporium is having its first Market Day!

A piece of parchment, floating in the wind, catches your eye. It falls the ground and you pick it up, the elegant scrawl on its surface piquing your curiosity. It reads:

**Emporium welcomes you to its first market day!

Place: Southshore Docks
Time: Sunday, 6th October at 20:00 Server Time

OOC: Emporium welcomes you to its first market day! We’re planning to sell armour, enchants, food, and more! What’s most important is getting the servers RP community together for a fun time!

Officers will be handing out raid invites to interested players starting at 7:30 PM. This is to ensure that we are all on the same layer. We will remind people of this in the global channel LFRP so join it now if you already haven’t! Really excited to meet everyone and hopefully many of you will attend. Emporium’s premier event brought lots of new people together. Let’s continue that tradition! In addition, if you are interested in adding an artisan/merchant facet to your RP persona, drop by or message me in-game so we can arrange for you to join the guild. You can then also sell your wares this coming Sunday!

Lotsa love!

/Millicent (AKA Kismat from AD)


Oh, this is exciting! The little town of Southshore is often lacking in certain services, so I am sure many locals will jump at the chance to utilise this when they have the cbance.


Awesome initiative. I’ve added your event to our guild’s calendar!

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Are outsiders allowed to sell things too?


Hey there!! Milli would say no, because you would be competition; however, the RPer in me says Bring It On! It would be fun to have a competing artisan, merchant! Like a real marketplace!


Fun stuff! We’ll definitely see you there.

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This sounds like a fun idea. However… And please don’t judge me for this… What about prices of stuff you are going to sell. Cause if it’s a dagger for 15 gold or a robe for 53 gold or an icecream for 10 silver, then the whole idea of the “fun factor” is gonna go away really really fast.
It’s gonna be 50 people windowshopping and that’s it.

Just a concern on my part.

I think that is a valid question! I believe that part of that fun can be in the haggling and I know for a fact that the members in Emporium want this to be an RP success! I personally won’t be telling them how much they should charge, however I know personally that if I sell something, that it won’t be exorbitant! I am even thinking of selling purely RP (grey) items that would sell for vendor price, so that the person can just get their money from the vendor should they wish. For me it’s the whole atmosphere of having a market and meeting people that is what is driving me. I won’t lie, gold is nice, but I believe that getting us seen at the market is more of an advertisement of our craftsmanship/RP enthusiasm and a catalyst for future orders than an actual money-grabbing endeavour.


I wholeheartedly support the last two posts (and the whole idea, for that matter).

If I were selling at this event - and I sincerely hope this goes for those who will be there as well - I would do something like what Millicent describes…:

I have a very pragmatic, and quite simplistic, attitude towards the professions I choose. I know they can all make simple, cheap and useful items; shirts, (simple) armor and armor kits, food, bandages, potions, and enchants.

It doesn’t have to be the max level raid stuff.

My only Classic Alliance character is a level 8 druid, he will benefit from the very lowest tier of professions. (As will Ragnaros-slayers, really, but of course not raid useful. …As long as they are class appropriate, that is.)

I trust that, since this is an RP event, something similar will be the case :grinning: :+1:


This sounds like a really fun event - I’ll do my best to come along if I’m in-game on Sunday evening!

Also, just as an aside - have you looked into the IAmAMerchant addon? It allows players to create a vendor window so that other players with the addon can view all the items they’re selling and what the asking price is. I haven’t used it myself, but it seems like a really fun addon, especially for a guild of merchants!

Bit of info at https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/this-cool-wow-classic-addon-lets-you-open-your-own-shop/.


The Emporium Market Day is tomorrow! Come along to browse what’s on offer, and if that’s not exciting enough, we will be hosting a lottery! For 1g per ticket with a maximum of 10 tickets per customer, you could be in for a chance to win a [Dark Whelpling] companion pet!

Each purchased ticket will coincide with a number which will be told to you at time of purchase. A record will be kept of who purchased which tickets and a winning number will be decided by random number generator. If your ticket is the prize winner, but for any reason you are not online to receive your prize in person, the prize will be sent to you via mail in game.


Thank you for hosting this event! Our members who attended had fun!


Many thanks for your efforts! It was a wonderful event, and those two hours went by in no-time. At times the crowd was a bit overwhelming, but… well, that’s how real markets sometimes are, too! :wink:
Definitely a great success, and I am looking forward to the next one!


This was indeed a great event. I spent the evening fishing nearby, and it gave me great joy to see so many people attending.

The big question is: When is the next one?!

Yeah I was interested in coming along but couldn’t make it. Would like to stop by if it comes around again!