[RP] FIST OF AZEROTH: Open RP events ✨ Back in Business!

The Old God is no more, but make no mistake–there is no rest for the wicked! The Hand of the Titans continues its mission to safeguard our precious world from whatever menacing forces would seek to destroy it or threaten its people. Equipped with supreme shipwrecking skills, an arsenal of various specialists, ties to many neutral orders, some cautious Alliance contacts and a truly unbreakable spirit, the group introduces its initiative:

The Fist of Azeroth: an armed force dedicated to crushing the enemies of the slumbering Titan, open to any adventurer wishing to fight for Her safety (as long as they are even remotely trustworthy, that is). While the focus remains strongly on the safety of Azeroth herself, we will also continue our general peacekeeping operations. Saving people, hunting things, the family business!

Inspired by the open RP efforts on the Alliance side, every month the Hand will host some open events with a strong focus on safeguarding efforts and various forms of disaster relief, as well as our usual heroic shenanigans. Guildless, unafilliated, solo RPers and members of PvE/PvP/social guilds hoping to give RP a try are especially welcome! Alliance/Neutral RPers are welcome for select events which will be tagged with an [N-RP] in the schedule.

If you wish to join our events, simply PM any online Hand member for a raid invite. If you have any questions or inquiries, please send an in-game mail to Linaria-SteamwheedleCartel.

Required addons are TRP/MRP (or other RP addon) and DiceMaster for markers and unit frames. CrossRP is suggested for events open to the Alliance.
For Azeroth! :fist:

Please read before you join!

  • Participants are required to be at least level 60 (to be adjusted come level squish) and capable of flight. Max level characters are strongly encouraged.
  • Please ensure that you can make it to the event location in time. If you need a portal, please let me know in this thread and show up early so I can bring my mage and help you get to the right place!
  • It is encouraged to have a back-up character available in case of phasing.
  • Raid warning “!” means “pause RP” to give DM enough time to describe the situation. In case of several descriptions, the “>” at the end of the RW means it will be continued in a moment.
  • We use rolls and HP for combat. HP ranges from 1 to 6, with both 1 and 6 being the extremes reserved for very weak and very tanky characters respectively. Battle RP is done in offensive/defensive phases prompted by the DM.
  • Creativity, custom unpromted actions and player initiative are encouraged. If you wish to custom emote, don’t ask the DM if it is possible! Instead:
    First TYPE my name in Raid Chat so I can see it on Listener (otherwise I will might miss it!), then EMOTE your action, then ROLL for it, then WAIT for the outcome. In that order for ease of DMing, please!
    Custom actions can be used during battle RP during the Offensive phase.

Please note that additional rules might be added as needed.

Check the post below for current announcements! Events will change each month, so keep your eye on the event schedule.


A special notice board decorated with the Hand’s banner proudly stands in Orgrimmar. Occassionally Keepers of the Hand can be seen posting fliers and announcements adorned with the group’s seal.

[H-RP] Call To Arms: Winterspring
23 February (Tuesday) @ 20:00 Server Time
Infiltrators loyal to the Banshee Queen have been discovered in Winterspring. A small task force commanded by the Hand will be deployed to locate and eliminate any potential threats.
Contact: Mea-Moonglade
Location: Winterspring (Event starts at the Orgrimmar Skyway!)


With our mouths we are shouting,
With our hands we are fighting.
A path to cross faction RP they’re routing,
Which to some may be frightening.
But green leaves and creeping vines go,
Wherever they are given room to grow.:seedling:


A hastily written note from someone named Azureguard Athelia eventually reaches the Hand. Less than an hour later an even more hastily written note is placed on the noticeboard, informing people of Orgrimmar of a mission to help a blue dragon with her Azerite problem. The Hand’s airship will carry all able-armed adventurers to Dragonblight (and try not to crash for once). For Azeroth!

T’was a bump. :snowflake:


Guess who prepared an event with NPCs, found an actual in-game event boss with an Azerite-style cosmetic effect, had plenty of cool opportunities… and forgot to take a single dang screenshot?

…I need to employ someone to constantly yell at me to press that button.


Tomorrow’s event will use the Dice Master addon for the unit frames functionality, so it is strongly suggested that all participants install it (preferably in advance, so those who have no experience with DMaster can prod at the addon to see what it does.)

And after that… a noticeboard update. :star:


The event tonight will take place in Stabbed Silithus, so as long as you can enter that location you should be fine!


A meticulously - but not beautifully - handwritten note is attached to the original post.

My apologies, Hand… - Fist…

I really wanted to aid your initiative, but fate waits for no one, and mine is… unglorious, these days.

I hope all goes well tonight, and I will keep an eye out for future opportunities to support this endeavour.

For Azeroth. For all.



(A report written in a rather small, sprawling, and uneven handwriting is handed in after the successful mission in finding and deal with an assassin in Silithus.)

Report on renegade shadow priest gone assassin in Silithus, October 22

Horde forces in Silithus requesting aid to hunt down an assassin, Hand of the Titans sent a group (keeper Anyel Ironglow, Linaria Duskweaver, Hathorion Wanderingwolf, Saedmaraa and Haraagh Darkspear, Karzog Throatmender) and one of their allies (Yana Can’t-remember-her-surname).

Met expedition commander Korbak Shatterspine in Southwind Village, got a map showing locations of Twilight Cultist camps, got told that some shadow priest called Inethia Sunglade joined Shatterspine’s unit but left after a week or so. Then assassinations on grunts and scouts Magni Bronzebeard's people started (the expedition people were NOT the target, Shatterspine even said so you're RIGHT Linaria, happy now? sweet, then £u¤& off), the murderer leaving them buried in the sand with lots of shadow scars.

Walked south from Southwind Village, felt movement underground (elements weren’t happy according to Karzog), fought a swarm of small* silithid, fell down in a ravine because the rock we walked on wasn’t rock but sand (noone died), continued walking, found the first camp remains of first camp. It was probably ruined when Sargeras shoved that sword into the ground. Anyway, it was empty, apart from some tablet with weird text and a shadow-tainted ring.

Moved on, underground movement again, big** sandworm appeared, fought it for a while and when it couldn’t kill us (and we couldn’t kill it) it bolted, sword-direction.

Continued, found a dead Champion of Azeroth (unless he’d stolen the tabard), sort of mummified but with shadow scars and no head (didn’t find the head nearby). No tracks led to the spot, or from it. No dog tags. Duskweaver wrote a note, opened a portal to Dalaran and we moved the body to the people there.

Didn’t reach the second camp on the map, assassin showed up before that. She was riding on a flying silithid with claws, obviously the murder weapon. Fought her, killed her, checked the bug's guts for heads (found only goo), burned and purged the remains.

- Anyel Ironglow, keeper, Hand of the Titans

(In the margins and at the bottom of the paper are doodles; a cultist with an axe between her eyes, a sandworm with boots sticking out of its mouth, a shattered spine. The reference notes are written with tiny letters.)

*you’d argue a hand-sized bug isn’t small, but it’s a small silithid still

**big enough to fit the whole group in it so you can’t argue that’s not big


A little late due to Blizzcon, but… November events are up! :sparkling_heart:


Every misson takes place somewhere else, and so the starting location differs for each! Usually I add the starting location to the schedule note (once I make sure where it is).

For this type of events I usually ask people to arrive on time so I can emote the ship arriving at the location, along with some flavour things (such as the weather and so on.)

Thinking about it, I should also include contact info just so people know which of my alts to PM for a raid invite… Hm.


The next event will take place in Fuselight-by-the-Sea in Badlands!


Update: A doctor’s appointment popped up on the 26th, so unfortunately I am forced to cancel the event as I’ll be unable to run it! For this reasons sky pirates will have to wait for the December round of FoA events. Sorry for the delay, everyone!

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A report written in a rather small, sprawling, and uneven handwriting is handed in after the successful mission in finding and deal with an ambitious blight developer in Badlands.

Report on suspected blight lab in Badlands, November 19
Interrogations with a banshee queen loyalist revealed plans of a Forsaken blight development lab in Badlands. A trader in Fuselight-By-The-Sea directed us to a courier who had delivered something somewhere and maybe knew more (pretty good negotiations made by Rizzix, Brixwitz, Lex and mercenary goblin joining, Tixi).

Headed for Fuselight (no one died, got transmorphed or relocated to the Twisting Nether when using the teleporter), found the courier. Goblins tried to make him talk too (any bribes are to be covered by Hand of the Titans; expect bills), he seemed to want to get out of there though so I told him to go with us. (We also managed to stop Kimble from touching explosive sheep or anything that may or may not be dangerous in the town, which would be anything really).

Courier warned us about SI:7 in the area that might also be after the lab. He had been doing some sneaking around when on those delivery services, and pointed us then went back to Fuselight. I ordered non-lethal violence as a first approach after, if there even was an opportunity, negotiations. Mercenary goblin wasn’t up for taking orders so she departed.

We went to the spot, saw wheel tracks, debated if wagons could roll uphills or not, concluded there are horses and kodos and stuff to drag wagons uphills, didn’t find any tracks first but Kimble found a hoofprint indicating waggon had continued south. Presumably with some help.

Saw a wagon pulled by skeleton horses, guarded by two dreadguards, an archer and a carter. I shouted at them to stop and hand over the cargo but they attacked, so we attacked too. One of the blight barrels broke, fried the carter. Got one dreadguard alive, sent him to Orgrimmar with the unbroken blight containers. Me and Zarajan purified the leftovers.

Tracks continued south, eventually found two other dreadguards and a dark ranger having tea or whatever talking at another waggon that was loaded with crates by the look of it. Tried the sneaky approach this time, so at least took them by surprise. Dreadguards got killed, trapped the dark ranger “alive” (Ayasha and Lex pulled some nice stunts with earth) and then found the brain behind it all: apothecary what’s-his-face, who tried to pretend to be scared and hide behind some boulder, then tried throwing a blight barrel at us. Brixwitz shot him in the head though, so joke’s on double-dead guy so the apothecary was soaked in it instead. Me and Zarajan purged that stain too.

Took the remaining prisoner and the lab equipment on the waggon back to Orgrimmar. Only Ayasha got injured, shadow damage from an arrow, she’s had keeper Sunrose check it.

Signed: Keeper Anyel Ironglow, Hand of the Titans

In the margins are doodles of stones and rocks with a hooded head poking up from it surrounded by angry zig-zag-lines. There’s also a stick-figure with a leaking barrel on its head.


While December is a very hectic month (so many ideas, so little time…), I somehow managed to squeeze the pirate event in. Let’s get some good ol’ combat going… with a twist! What’s the twist? You will see… :shushing_face:


A Forsaken death knight, wearing skull-adorned metal plate armor, oozing with shadiness - draped with the Hand’s tabard - walks up to the Hand’s notice board, as he usually does every few days.

He looks at the post about pirates, and pulls out a Hand-sized black book (with a skull on its cover), in which his shady-metal-gauntleted bony hand flips to a certain page to check something.

His metal-horned, skull-adorned helmet bobs up and down as he nods. He then produces a pencil from somewhere in his armor, and makes a note in his little black book, looking up twice to check the time and date of the anti-pirate undertaking.

He closes the little, black book, and puts it back where he pulled it out from under his (yes,) skull-adorned cloak.

The death knight looks around, and then walks off into a shady part of Orgrimmar, where he seemingly disappears in the shadows…


Due to yet another doctor’s appointment (or rather the ridiculous commute to the clinic) I might be late for the event. If I don’t show up before 20:30 please assume I’ve been harvested for organs and turned into dog food I’m stuck in traffic somewhere and the event is (once again…) postponed.

Those pirates are cursed. :frowning:

Event starts at 20:30, in Winterspring - be there, or, uh, miss out on beating up sky pirates!


I think I’ll make it to 20:30 :slight_smile:


Cool guys don’t look at explosions… While the Hand always looks at explosions because they kinda happen right in our faces, and there were quite a few explosions tonight! And falling gyrocopters. And airships trying to perform barrel rolls. And slaves, Azerite, drunk pirates, more drunk pirates, poor unfortunate orcs used as projectile weapons, and more! Also a goblin accidentally squished to death, but we don’t talk about it.

That said, tonight’s event was pretty special; the Fist went roll-free for the first time! I would like to blame thank my favourite zombie for being a bad influence giving me the courage to go roll-free with a bigger group! This is definitely the kind of DMing I’m looking forward to exploring. :star: