RP-PvP Community. We did it. Thank you!


You crazy sons of a (w)itch! We did it!! I love you, all!!


Congrats on finally convincing Blizzard to make an RP-PvP realm!

I’ve never played on an RP-PvP realm before, but have been thinking about rolling there this time. How important is it to actually participate in RP events and the like? Must I stick to a backstory of my character and interact with everyone in-character all the time? I’ve dabbled a bit with RP before and liked it, but am not sure if I want to do it all the time. Will it be hard to fit in with the community if I’m not as into RP as everyone else? Will there be more casual guilds where RP is not as much of a focus?


I’m mostly lurking, but i did sign the petition.
This is amazing news. Thank you all, I can’t wait to sign in and take part in the world we all love.


See you all soon!


We did it! See you on our realm at launch!

It is completely alright and there are many people on an RP-PVP realm just for a more “mature” and “serious” community. There will no doubt be many guilds who hardly do any rp at all and just do what guilds normally do.
Just make sure your name is at least reasonably fitting for the world (no xxlegolasxx or ipwnu420), and make an effort to stay in character in /s and /y.
Many people come for the community with very little intention to actually roleplay, and then fall in love with it in the process of being on an RP-PVP realm.
I rolled on the The Venture Co. just for the “freah start” when the server opened in 2005 with no intention to roleplay at all. And by the mid-TBC I was leading in-character exploration expeditions (raids) into Karazhan.
Just come along and see if you like it. Welcome aboard!


I think I might actually do this, thanks for the encouragement! You might have just gained another player for the RP-PvP realm! :smiley:


Huh. I didn’t decide to post on any of those topics about an RP-PvP server, as the “PvP” part tends to dissuade me from wanting to do anything with the “RP” part.

But hey, hope you folks have fun with it. I’ll probably roll on a regular RP server, assuming there are any.


This is gonna be great, i wanna stomp hordies, the wife wants to RP in Goldshire… NOW WE CAN DO BOTH!!! :smiley:

The non-pvp aspect always held me away from RP servers, how the hell you you roleplay without the threat of physical violence… /spitting on a orc that steals the flower you need to save you’r guildie from a terrible decease just makes no darn sence to me… THEY MUST DIE!


Thanks for creating that petition, Yaghor. I believe it played a big role in the Blizzard’s final decision revealing the real numbers behind our voices. And of course thanks to all the people who signed it!


Awesome !!! Thanks for listening Blizzard.
I’m not a role player but I’ll be playing on this server for sure.
I can’t stand the atmosphere on regular PvP servers and PvE servers are boring AF.
RP-PvP is the perfect compromise.
Now I’m really hyped !


Never roleplayed in WoW before, so i thought using this new start as a way to try it out.
See you all there :slight_smile:

(Naeya) #13

Did you really?

Because on MMO champion what I read is

“North America”.

Doesn’t say they’re adding one for Europe?

EDIT: Nevermind, I didn’t see the announcement.


Didn’t you see the following topic on the EU forums? Announcing RP-PVP in WoW Classic

(Naeya) #15

Nope, I didn’t. Thanks for clarifying.


I would really suggest on trying it out. It adds so much more to the game in my opinion. Not only does it help you immerse yourself into the world, it also provides you with additional things to do instead of just grinding for that next piece of gear. :wink:


nothing feels better than finding a bunch of rpers and ganking them, but on rp servers they generally are much nicer people than other servers.


wooow omg, i will not be joining it


LoL you did not! Blizzard was just teasing you from the start!


Thanks for very important information! And gz with first post! :hugs:

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