RP Realm moderation and RP in eyes of Blizzard

I play on AD, the roleplayers don’t bother me and I don’t interact with them.

If Rpers started reporting my names, then I’d be inclined to start disrupting them too, fact is, right now, RP realms are still raiding realms.

If they added a special NPC that entered you into an “RP Phase” where y’all could do your thing that’d be fine.

So, what I am hearing is-- “I’m going to go disrupt a load of people’s fun who probably had nothing to do with my name getting reported”


RP-PVP is a god damn oxymoron.

One favors cooperation between parties, the other explicitly favors griefing.

Yeah you can grief without pvp, but you can’t strip players of their ability to move around and interact.


The faction language barrier and phasing is a pain and should go.
Warmode needs to go as well.
But you leave my RP-PVP alone! >:)

RP is dead ever since they removed the /fart emote to brush up against someone.


So if I read this correctly, RP-PvP shouldn’t exist in your opinion? Sorry but I disagree… Heavily.

I agree that Blizz has neglected their most passionate community for ages and that they should give us more role-playing tools. As to what we need? It’s not rocket science, just have a look at what the most popup RP add-ons are offering and implement some of these features in the game. Simple as that…

As for PvP-RP I will quote another person who explained the relation between PvP and RP because I think they explained it perfectly with examples and all… :point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down:

No it shouldn’t… Warmode is the only reason I am having wPvP now…

Because there is no alternative.
We need to go back to separated realm populations of old. None of this cross-realm shenanigans outside of instanced content.
We need an active and engaging server community for interactions like the ones you quoted to be common place again.
Server community died the day they decided to fix server population through sharding, layering and cross realm systems.

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Again no, I was stuck in a “PvE realm” with no wPvP at all… As soon as warmode became a thing I started having lots of wPvP action… First time I wPvPed to my heart’s content was BFA…

These were implemented for many reasons and not just to fix sever (I assume you speak about low) population. Too many people in one spot can cause an issue as well. Sharding is fixing the issue of few people or too many people in one zone… Server community died for other reasons which are outside of Blizzards’s control… It’s the same reason all successful MMOs have solo content in them these days, whereas during the “great old times” it was unheard of.

I gotta be honest here. I am extremely naïve as I never know when someone is RP or not. I don’t even notice this in game on any realm. Its not like another game that I play, that when players are RP then they have a title on them saying X is currently in RP mode. When non RP players see these titles they simply give these players a wide berth.

Perhaps what you suggest or a huge flashing neon sign over their heads saying RP mode could help. Then again of course with the wow community it could also spell open season on these players.

Ye I’m selfish and talking from an rp-pvp servers view. ^^
I’m perfectly fine with every other realm type staying the same with all the current bells n whistles.

I disagree, it was very much in Blizzards control to rectify it. The playerbase will always diminish over time and move to greener pastures but Blizz had plenty of time and feedback to encourage population movement between servers through free realm transfers and merging of servers.
Funny thing is they did the exact same mistake thing with classic though I’m willing to cut them some slack since it happened really fast unlike with retail which took years.

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Where 99% of the cases servers became lopsided in favour of either faction, effectively making them a pve only server save for a handfull of griefers.

PvP Servers have and will always be a failed concept.

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Indeed. And honestly, I think it is time for a RP mode on the list. One with the following functions:

  • While in RP mode, others not in this mode can see and hear your RP and characters but can not interact with you via any means.
    That means player using this mode can’t see the players outside of this mode and can’t hear/read any actions/emotes/say/yell from them. Players in RP mode are visually highlighted for the players not in this mode.
  • While in RP mode, phasing for cities is disabled in general (since within this mode cities would be A LOT more empty)
  • While in RP mode, fewer trash/elite mobs are in the open world and kills of any mob don’t yield XP, gold, loot. (to prevent abuse of this mode in the open world and to allow players to use the space of the open world for their RP).
  • Edit: To enter this mode, you have to activate it like Warmode in your capital. Activating it has a 30 minutes Cooldown to leave and re-enter this mode. While the mode is active, you can’t queue for any group finder or matchmaking activity.

I think on rp realms it would be a good practice to allow people to have the same name or give a secondary name with a # beside the name when hovering over.

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Disagree on the failed concept part but I do agree they need extra attention from blizz to prevent any snowballing effects on faction imbalance.
Though I am of the camp that quite severe faction imbalance is totally fine. I even prefer to play as the underdog faction, say something like 75/25.
But further than that and Blizz needs to step in and limit transfers and character creations to dominating factions and open up to the struggling side so it doesn’t end up 99/1 as many classic servers did.
It’s not difficult they just have to do it and not ignore the problem.

While I disagree with some details, I agree that an RP mode and some RP support tools in general are needed in WoW.

Warmode revitalised wPvP in PvE servers. And RP-mode will do the same for non-RP servers. I am stuck in a non-RP realm which pretty much means zero RP for me.

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Buy a transfer and come over? Or just make a new char on a RP realm?

With trading restrictions gone since a few months, there isn’t a any big downside to being on a RP realm other than maybe a lower stocked AH.

You can raid on the realm sure, but it is there for RPers to go about their hobby.
If someone reported your name, for you to then go “well, I better ruin everyone’s day!” is a bit weird. And also more likely to end up in more reports and a ban. Genuinely not worth it.

Party with someone on said realm so you can get pulled in? Just need to throw on a profile and you’ll be good.

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It doesn’t work that easily. People outside the group would be unable to see his profile, since the data channels of the addons are still realm/instance-bound.

Aside the AH stock issue, I have friends in the realm I am now. And I don’t fancy paying for a realm transfer or making a new char. I hardly have any alts for example, so making an alt for RP is out of question as well.

I love wPvP but I couldn’t do it until Warmode arrived. An RP mode will do the trick for all realms I think.

An RP mode with a few RP tools inspired by popular RP add-ons would make RP accessible to more people, which in turn would revitalise RP in general.