Rp relams questioms

i want play on rp relam alliance

which server is better? argent dawn,darkmoon fair,defias brotherhood ,or any other rp relam that i can find casual and social guild

(i dont looking for that rp on gold shire)

also is this guildies accept playing low classes like bm hunter?

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Argent Dawn is the biggest and you can find the most guilds/RP there.

It’s usually a friendly community, their forums are a bit ehhh, but the in game community is really nice.


Argent dawn without a doubt, same for horde.

If you want people then go to AD. Everywhere else is pretty empty but nice to be in for PvE as we only shard with other RP realms.

Do you want an actual RP guild or just a “casual and social” one?

If it’s the latter, do pick Argent Dawn. They have enough population to also have a set of non-RP guilds.

Defias Brotherhood cluster is the second biggest RP realm cluster, but people there are more focused on RP. As I reckon, it’s harder to find guilds that do proper content regularly.

Moonglade cluster is currently the smallest, and it has a subset of dedicated RP guilds and a pretty closed set of players who know each other for the most part. It has a few social and proper content guilds, because half the population finds the “RP” part in the realm name optional.

nope idc about contents,i want make friends,etc

I’m afraid I’m going to disagree with you here, at least as far as Moonglade/TheSha’tar/SteamwheedleCartel is concerned.

I’d say say that ours is a realm definitely -not- good for PvE–it has a small playerbase, AH is pretty ridiculous at times (235ilvl Shadowglast Breastplate for 29k on Twisting Nether vs 250k on Sha’glade Cartel), and it has one of the worst PvE progressions in Europe (with WoWprogress listing it as the fifth from the bottom with only three guilds so far having stepped into Mythic CN and the best of them being at 2/10).

So unless OP (or anyone else for that matters) comes here with a purpose other than RP (which is actually pretty sweet), I would say they would be much better off on a proper normal realm. Roleplayers both new and old are always welcome and will be highly appreciated! OOCers, however, might or might not be shooting themselves in the foot by coming to SGC.

I suppose if you want to play competitively but I have had no issues in the open world finding people to group up with at least. AD is just ridiculously full and should probably be left for just RP, that’s the only thing I do there.

argent dawn is the best realm all my homies play here

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That’s debatable… However we are friendlier then most realms.

If you’re interested in roleplaying, I’d recommend Argent Dawn. We are mostly welcoming to people new to roleplay and wishing to try it out :slight_smile:

I’ve not played on the other RP realms so I can’t comment on that.

Well… it is an RP realm… so would be nice to be left for just RP
Plenty of PvE realms around with health population

Heeeey! Thats offensive!
Nothing ‘low’ in a Beast Master…
WE culd tame world bosses… you know, the beasts that regurally tear a new one on the lonely oh-so-high paladins and warriors… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Argent Dawn is pretty much the only option on EU. Staying out of Goldshire goes without saying but also make sure to disable trade/general chat, it’s extremely carcinogenic.

They are always talking about politics. The other day i logged on an alt that i had yet to get out of trade/general and surprise surprise i’m immediately greeted by a bunch of pandemic deniers and anti-vaxxers.

Argent Dawn trade chat is 2Head central.

I on and off RP over the years, currently off, but I like to see decent names, guild names and the community is generally nicer so I don’t see much harm in it. I wouldn’t set foot on a normal realm. Yikes! I always pick the RP realm. Mind if you don’t know to do that then perhaps not of the right mindset anyway :face_with_monocle:

Argent Dawn is probably the most active, I moved from defias brotherhood and it just feels so alive in comparison.

Argent Dawn has it all. no matter the genre and your mood, you will find all your needs :star_struck:

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