[RP] The Roleplay Guild List.

(Dermin) #41
Who to contact: Dermin-Moonglade, Exaura-Moonglade, Vauxhill-Moonglade

Short description: A small investigative guild that focuses on high immersion roleplay and personal plot development.

Website: http://thecontingency.wixsite.com/the-contingency

Restrictions/Requirements: Interview on application.

Other Info: Forsaken led group, though we welcome all races and classes. We also have a group of Blood Knights and Demon Hunters who have their own regular events, plotlines and interactions.

(Gravkra) #42
Greetings from the coven, we have some new changes and fixes with our guild but are still active,

the people you can contact now days in the guild for information is me, Gravkra-Moonglade. Evelýnn-Moonglade . We are having a meeting this saturday to sort the leadership of the guild again soo i will repost some info then for the coven ^^.

Hope people find us intresting and cya in wow!

(Evelýnn) #43
The Coven

Who to contact: Evelýnn-Moonglade or Gravkra-Moonglade

Short description: The Coven is a mostly magic based guild. We are authortized to research and search for magical artifacts by the Undercity. We have both warlocks and shadow priests, though this does not mean we are trying to be evil. Anyone can join, you don't need to be forsaken or a warlock. (don't need to have magic either)

Recruitment: By poking or leave us a letter in our mailbox in game. Do also visit this link:

Restrictions/Requirements: None of so to speak of. Just don't be a jackass OOC.

Other Info: We mostly have Rp event on Saturdays. But strife to have social Rp other days and encourage people to seek Rp from other groups as well.

(Jorek) #44
UPDATE: The Newblood is now disbanded due to member inactivity :/

(Morguewright) #45
What would you ask of death? We are updating this thread with some science.

Royal Apothecary Society
Who to contact: Morguewright-SteamwheedleCartel, Sorrowglade-SteamwheedleCartel, Aranault-SteamwheedleCartel

Short description: "The Royal Apothecary Society (abbreviated R.A.S.) is an alchemical society based in the Apothecarium in Undercity." - taken from Wowpedia.
The guild was created to have the organization's title under the names of characters with associations to the Society. Casual, mostly self-reliant RP, but we are open for cross-guild interactions.

Restrictions/Requirements: You don't have to be undead, but your allegiance to the Forsaken is mandatory (unless your character is a test subje- I mean a volunteer).

Other Info: As stated earlier, the guild exists mostly for the sake of its title under your name. Outside of partaking in occasional server-wide gatherings or casual RP, there are no plans for guild events at this moment. Thus, we are very alt friendly, since most may want their main character in a larger guild!

(Finna) #46
I would like to update the information for:

The Mithril Guard

Who to contact: Finna-Moonglade
Short description: The Mithril Guard is one of the oldest guilds of Moonglade (started 2005). After a period of lesser activity we're in need of more people! We're a dwarven only RP guild, a good place for dwarves to stay and serving as militia when needed.
Recruitment: Looking for more dwarves, every dwarven character is welcome!
Website: https://mithrilguard.wordpress.com/
Restrictions/Requirements: No strict ones except the normal RP ones: Don't talk ooc in /say or /yell and behave yourself. You're wearing our guildtag.
Other Info: Rifles blow an' axes swing, we be Guards o'Forge an' King! Marchin' on an' marchin' free, Tha Mithril Guard is who we be!

(Anroka) #47
The forum is about to be upgraded, and apparently only active threads will be included in the transfer. So I'm giving this a bit of a bump.

I'll also do another check to see if all the guilds are still active. Especially Alliance, as I have less sight on that side. I'll update this post once that is done.

(Hathorion) #48

We lost our sticky, how do I request to get it back again?

(Koranith) #49

I missed the window for getting threads transferred, but I’ve recreated the CSB thread. We’re still around, despite the new forum shenanigans!

(Zycorax) #50

Could you add this to the list please?

Wayward Vagrants
Who to contact: Zycorax-Moonglade/Argent Dawn, Zhiria-Moonglade, Aiyvah-Moonglade
Short description: A group of mercenaries from all kinds of backgrounds, who takes on a wide variety of jobs. Will do almost anything, as long as the price is right and it isn’t damaging the Horde.
Recruitment: [H-RP] Wayward Vagrants
Restrictions/Requirements: Behaving yourself OOC. MRP/TRP3 is highly recommended and DiceMaster might be used in future events.

Would also be nice if the mods could add some glue to this thread.

(Dulvarinn) #51

The Botany Band is a roleplay guild with focus on adventurous study of plantlife. We assemble for Green Gatherings every Night of the Moon (Mondays at 20:00 CET) in the Greenhouse at the Magus Commerce Exchange in Dalaran (Broken Isles). We have three types of Green Gatherings:

  1. Herbal Hangouts are informal gatherings in the Greenhouse where adventurers of both factions are welcome.
  2. Leafy Lectures are formal lectures with eccentric excursions where all adventurers of the Alliance are welcome.
  3. Botanical Battles are secret skirmish missions exclusive for botanists of the band.

Led by Kuhuine Tenderstride we welcome every friendly adventurer with a green thumb! :herb:


Guess we have to keep this thing active now, better do so then.


Burning Crow
Who to contact: Lockár (Retesh) on Argent-dawn

Short description: The order is allegedly dabbeling in dark arts, magics shunned and covered away. Tho they might be hard to find, strangers who stumble upon them rarely say bad things about them, perhaps they are cursed and don´t know better? Casual, mostly self-reliant RP, but we strive just as much towards cross-guild relations.

Warlocks, Dark spellcasters, DK, Illidari, Necromancers.
If you wish to learn more and more, if you wish to get together with other warlocks and spellcasters then you´ll fit in fine.

Other Info:
Your character must be at least level 40 to join IC. OOC membership is open from level 20.
With the above in mind, you should contact a recruiting officer (councilmember) OOC to discuss your application. It is important that you do this; we want to make sure we’re the right place for you, but also the right character for us.